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  1. DW Toys

    DW Toys In the Starting Line-Up

    You vanquished me on the first offering Cousins. These are for fun. Perhaps this one is more appealing to your tastes. I have my flack jacket on. Go at it!
    DW Toys
    PART 1:
    Cardinals, Eagles and Patriots-
    The AZ Cards have many needs. They have no QB and there are none worth of the #5 pick in the Draft. They have a few chips that could make their way back east though. A blockbuster with a new face lift for the Cards is the key to this Trade. Plus it is better positioning to get a QB they might just want instead of throwing a top five pick at it.
    The N.E. Pats are Draft choice wealthy. They have targeted needs and some players they can turn with log jams at positions of depth. They have a solid chip to move with a All Pro NFL Guard.
    The Eagles happen to have a decent backup QB who wants to start that is not named Vick. They also have a WR who is extremely talented but is looking for a big pay day and makes no bones about it to the point of an issue. It is becoming a contest with Reid and the Eagles F.O. The Eagles have big needs in their defensive back field and O Line to protect Vick
    I propose the Cards trade WR Larry Fitzgerald, SS Adrian Wilson, DE Darnell Dockett plus the oft injured and to this point, over drafted RB Beanie Wells, and their #5 pick in the Draft to the Patriots for the Pats #17 and their #28 in round one, disgruntled All Pro Guard Logan Mankins, Pro Bowler S Brandon Merriweather ( who is a FA in 2012), up and coming DL Myron Prior, former Pats starting T/G Nick Kaczur, CB Jonathan Wilhite, WR/KR Brandon Tate, solid but unspectacular S James Sanders and former Pats starter DE/OLB Tully Banta-Cain.
    The Cards then send that #28 pick in the first round from N.E. PLUS former 2010 opening day starter QB Derek Anderson as a back-up for Vick over the unproven Mike Kafka, newly acquired OG Mankins, S James Sanders, WR/KR Brandon Tate and CB Jonathan Wilhite to the Eagles for QB Kolb, WR DeSean Jackson and LB Ernie Sims
    They gain a whole new identity:
    • They get what might be their “franchise” QB with quality NFL starts already and not from this years’ QB class Draft who are all a gamble,
    • Some added youth with talent in DL Pryor,
    • Two Pro Bowlers including starter S Merriweather and one to dangle to the O Line needy Eagles to gain said QB, plus two #1 picks (again one as bait),
    • A starting O-Lineman in the no- recovered Kaczur with 62 starts protecting Tom Brady,
    • A Premium WR playmaker who is also a Special Teams homerun punt returner as a value-add, who takes away the sting of the departed Fitzgerald and new deal non-withstanding, at less salary outlay that Mr. Bidwell will like,
    • A more realistic slotted first rounder #28 Draft choice to use to grab QB Kevin Kolb from the Eagles
    • Plus some depth with a pair of veterans in sack specialist Banta-Cain and a young LB in Ernie Sims in lieu of the aging Porter and Hagans.
    • And in the end they still maintain a first round pick at #17 and also #37 in the second.
    Faneca is now aging and an FA so they have a major need at guard or move Bridges to G and use the experienced Kaczur to start in at RT or perhaps move him to guard and he is still in his prime. Lutui might fall to FA. Whisenhunt is a run type coach in the Steelers mold. Drafting an O Lineman of quality as well would add to the mix.
    Merriweather can be a long career player for the Cards who is a hitter no doubt. He is young and will improve and is a Pro Bowler. He can be a tone setter. Wilson did not have his best year and Merriweather adds youth along with quality.
    Many Teams have inquired about young D Lineman Myron Pryor on the Pats. He seems to have value as he can play inside or outside. He is only 24. He started two games for the 14-2 Pats in 2010. He is a quality D Lineman who is recovering from a back injury but will be ready for 2011.
    Sims is a player the Eagles acquired last season. He is a little undisciplined for Andy Reid but maybe a better suited at ILB in the Cards 3-4 than 4-3 OLB. He is still young and might make a decent tandem in the middle of that 3-4 with Draft super-find Daryl Washington. Sims can play outside in a pinch.
    Banta-Cain is a slight upgrade on the aging Porter. He is most effective in passing situations. He does have 15 sacks his last two years.
    #17 in round one might be a good spot for a player like DE J.J. Watt to take Dockett’s place. Watt is a superb talent. If not OLB Aldon Smith could fit well and both of these kids at less signing money than at #5.
    Now at #37 they can go Mikel Leshoure RB who is the between the tackles thumper Whisenhunt thought Wells would be before nagging injuries made him a non-factor in AZ. Hightower and Leshoure would be a good RB tandem.
    The loss of the face of the franchise in Fitzgerald will take getting used to but if that sacrifice makes this Team that much better, it has to be done. Jackson makes the Cards more exciting the first day and they might not lose a beat plus the fact that Kolb is familiar with him helps. Wilson and Dockett were important players for Arizona but in truth 2010 was a down year for both.
  2. DW Toys

    DW Toys In the Starting Line-Up

    Part two;
    They have a big Draft in 2011 but they add some valuable pieces with skill and experience for balance here:
    • Fill needs with a 26 year old Larry Fitzgerald one of the top WR in football to add to Branch and Welker with Mr. Brady. Larry gets a chance at a ring. TB is not getting younger. The “blueprint” is; Now let’s not worry about the Pats deep down field game with Branch and Welker. This though, changes everything for 2011.
    • Adrian Wilson is an experienced S in the NFL with elite skills. He takes the place of the sometimes too exuberant Merriweather (who will hold up the Pats for big bucks in 2012 anyway). Wilson is smart, experienced and “mature”, but a better playmaker and is signed for a few years. He takes over the Harrison element that has been missing on this Team. Wilson was a Pro Bowler but admitted 2010 was a down year for him. A scenery change could go a long way to extend his career in N.E. ala Harrison. Wilson is the type of cerebral player Belichick prefers and that was not Merriweather at this point in his career. He is tough as you would ever want and played all of last year with a torn muscle in his abdomen but said not a word about as an excuse in the criticism of his coverage issues.
    • DE Darnell Dockett can play a 3-4 DE with some rush ability and the Pats are very inexperienced there or have players coming off injury. They need more pressure. Dockett is signed for a longer term and he will be a force with Wilfork and Ty Warren. Dockett is still young. He needs new scenery as well as 2010 was not kind to him either. He played much better in the SB year when he had more talent surrounding him.
    The Pats can use the #5 pick to select many different players. I can see Von Miller at OLB for them as a disruptive force for years to come. Not as small as some think. Or perhaps a Quinn will still be available.
    The Pats don’t go away. They still have #33. Maybe Guard Danny Watkins fills the Mankins void.
    The Pats are deep in many positions because some of the youngsters are working out and can afford to move some players. Getting Mankins, Kaczur, Banta-Cain and Sanders off of their books frees up about $20m money to sign Fitzgerald long term. Beanie Wells might seem as a throw-in but he is the big back that Belichick seeks that was not quite what he could get in the Draft. A healthy Wells with Green-Ellis and Woodhead would help the Pats running game.

    Needs can be met by moving a talented, yet second string QB and a terrific young WR with skills but with financial issues that might be a distraction to his game and that of the Eagles. Vick protection is on its’ way along with some DB help:
    • They now have acquired two first rounders,
    • Perhaps the best NFL Offensive Guard in football in the All Pro Mankins,
    • A very solid starting S in Sanders who will easily take the place of the 2011 FA Quinton Mikell and is younger,
    • An also young CB in Wilhite who had 13 starts for N.E. but maybe better suited as a nickel back in Philly,
    • A WR/KR in third year man Brandon Tate. Tate is still young and has speed. He might need another year seasoning and was a Belichick third round pick. He is a return threat with two KO TDs in 2010. He had 24 catches with a great 18 YPC average. Can he be the offensive threat that Jackson was?
    • Derek Anderson has won games in the NFL as a starting QB. He is a back up upgrade over Kafka with NFL experience. He is only 27, three years younger than Vick.
    • Ernie Sims was not a fit in Philly at OLB. Good bye Ernie.
    Sanders and Samuel played and won many games together in N.E. so they understand each other. Add Wilhite to that mix and it seems that Reid is comfortable with how N.E. prepares their DBs.
    With two picks in the first round , Reid can target the best CB or another WR to go with Macklin and Tate at those slots, a quick OLB or an O Line stud.
    The Eagles pick up youth, experience in the D backfield and another first rounder along with the All Pro Mankins who is that player Reid has missed for years. DeSean Jackson was an exciting player but with resigning Vick and next up being RB McCoy, it would be a CAP burden to get where Jackson wanted to be financially. There is a huge commitment to Vick and the Eagles must protect that investment and Mankins is the cornerstone the Eagles O Line can have for many years. Sanders is smart, a Pros’ professional and is very solid. Wilhite and Tate are inexpensive but can be an important part in this Trade. Mankins’ agent Bauer will do anything he can to save face in front of his client for costing him millions. So a long term deal for the Eagles should be easy and more CAP friendly than Jackson.
  3. DW Toys

    DW Toys In the Starting Line-Up

    Part three;
    I broke it down by my developed points system. The goal is to get as fair a value for each side as possible but there are factors such as contract, age and injury history that first of all is be used as the present ACV (Actual Trade Value) of the present and can prevent the point system from an exact one to one trade off -
    A player’s value is based on what he is worth in exchange for a Draft choice or what his present Team requires or demands:
    Trade Round=Points
    Now I have a grading system as to the value of a first round pick because that is all we are using in this Blockbuster Trade example.:
    All First Rounder’s are worth a minimum of 7 Points-
    There are 1 Bonus point for a pick between 11-20
    There are 2 Bonus Points for a pick between 6-10
    There are 3 Bonus points for a pick between 1-5
    I have valued the Traded players on my own accord. The following are based on those players pre-Trade:
    Fitzgerald requires a First and Third=12 Points
    Wilson has a Trade value of a Third Round pick= 5 Points
    Dockett has a Trade value of a Second=6 Points
    Wells has a value of a Fourth=4 Points
    Anderson has a Fifth Round grade=3 Points
    The 5th pick in the First round of the Draft has a value of=10 Points
    That is a total value of 40 Points

    Mankins=7 Points
    Merriweather=6 Points
    Kaczur=4 Points
    Tate=3 Points
    Sanders =4 Points
    Banta-Cain=1 Point
    Wilhite=2 Points
    #17=8 Points
    #28=7 Points
    That is a total of 42 Points

    Kolb is a First and Fourth based on QB demand (think Matt Cassel)=11 Points
    Jackson=7 Points
    Sims=2 Points
    Wells=4 Points
    That is a Total of 24 Points

    Final Trade actual Team acquisitions and their value in comparison:

    Kolb =11 Points
    Jackson=7 Points
    Sims=2 Points
    Merriweather=6 Points
    Kaczur=4 Points
    Banta-Cain=1 Point
    #17=8 Points
    Final Points and acquisitions=39 Points

    Fitzgerald =12 Points
    Wilson = 5 Points
    Dockett =6 Points
    Wells =4 Points
    The 5th pick in the First round of the Draft has a value of=10 Points
    Final Points and acquisitions=37 Points

    Mankins=7 Points
    Tate=3 Points
    Sanders =4 Points
    Wilhite=2 Points
    #28=7 Points
    Final Points and acquisitions=23 Points
    As you can see the estimated value is all fairly close to the amount traded. In my estimation this is a great Trade for all parties.
  4. DW Toys

    DW Toys In the Starting Line-Up

    Part four;
    To finish this off I have added my mock picks to those above Teams. Later slot numbers will be affected by COMP picks. These below are our guesses.
    1-#17 J.J. Watt DE Wisconsin
    Interesting choice here because N.E. had their eyes on him for this pick until they found out Tom Condon is his agent. Well they traded out anyway. Ironically another potential Pats pick Aldon Smith would have been bounced from this spot by the Pats as well with Condon. Ben Watson was forced to hold out by Condon when the Pats drafted him. Watson finally rebelled and fired Condon but Watson could never catch up and his career was never the same. You’d think these two above kids would do their homework. In the end Condon cost Watson precious first year time. Belichick does not forget. But, great pick for the Cards to replace Dockett.
    2-#58 Mikel LeShoure RB Illinois
    A power back to replace the way too oft injured Wells. Should be the “bell cow”. Nice tandem with Hightower. Whisenhunts’ type of Steelers hard nose running back.
    3-#69 Martez Wilson ILB Illinois
    Turned heads at the combine. A thumper. The bigger body ILB to replace Dansby. Fast enough to play outside. 112 tackles included 11.5 for loss and four sacks, and the second-team ALL-BIG 10, forced three fumbles, deflected four passes and blocked a kick. Could be special.
    3-COMP (for Dansby) Joseph Barksdale OT LSU
    Had a solid career at LSU. If he can work into the starting lineup, Kaczur can move to guard or Barksdale can. 2010 ALL-SEC SECOND TEAM
    4-#102 K.J. Wright OLB Mississippi State
    A leader of the Miss. State defense. K.J. was second on the Team with 98 total tackles (51 solo) with 8.0 tackles for loss and 3 sacks in 2010. Good size OLB. A needed upgrade over Porter and/or Hagans.
    5-#133 Weslye Saunders TE South Carolina
    This kid is huge with soft hands. 270lbs with a 4.8 40. Kicked off the South Carolina Team for a connection with the North Carolina players “Agent gate” affair. Go figure that one. A big target for Kolb. A Ben Coates/Mike Ditka/Sanders type Tight End throwback. Let’s hope he is half as talented. Foot injury to heal is a concern like Julio Jones. With a good year could have been as high as the second TE taken.
    6 Ryan Whalen WR Stanford
    Very solid frame and decent bulk . Smart. Catches deep passes well and will fight DBs for jump balls . Very coachable player. Works hard and gives full effort in blocking besides the passing game. Reliable receiver who will work the middle of the field. Worked well with Luck.

    1-#23 Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College
    Smart and athletic. A Rhodes Scholar finalist. Put him together with the addition of All Pro G Mankins and the Eagles have a pretty formidable O Line for many years to protect Vick.
    1-#28 Jimmy Smith CB Colorado
    6’2” CBs who are strong and fast with talent don’t grow on trees. All BIG 12 Honors. Quick feet for a bigger DB. Will neutralize the larger WR like Marshall and Johnson. Starts day one opposite Samuel. Stud!

    2-#54 Bruce Carter OLB North Carolina
    Perhaps the steal of the 2011 Draft. Recovering from ACL. Rare power ,speed and talent. Could have been a top five pick. Special Teams monster as well with 8 blocked kicks at UNC. All Pro potential. The type of player you can build a defense around.
    3-#85 Jeremy Beal DE Oklahoma This kid had a bad combine. Good for the Eagles. Second team All-American. Big 12 Defensive Lineman of the Year . Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year. He led Big 12 with 18 TFLs and also led team in sacks (8.5). Needs to “get it” and could star.
    4-#103 Cecil Shorts III WR Mount Union
    Reid is not afraid of small school playmakers. AP LITTLE ALL-AMERICAN FIRST TEAM: Multi-talented player. Good size. Smooth. Three straight 1,000 receiving seasons. 2010 team-best 63 catches for 1,106 yards and 17 touchdowns. Also had 114 yards rushing and a touchdown, 22 punt returns (16.1 yd average) with two touchdowns and when not busy, returned kicks.... even after missing three games with an injury. He takes Jacksons’ place on the punt returns as Tate takes over the KR job.

    4-#119 Jaiquawn Jarrett FS Temple
    Local college kid for the Eagles. Rated top three FS in the 2011 Draft. Good hips and agility. Great work ethic. Will support run. Recipient of the 2010 National Football Foundation & College Football Hall of Fame Scholar-Athlete Award. Under the radar kid.
    5-#146 David Arkin OG Missouri State
    The Sports Network, Associated Press, Walter Camp Football Foundation and American Football Coaches Association Division I FCS All-America squad. Arkin graded out at 87 percent for the season with 82 knock-down blocks. Small school kid can play OT as well.

    5-#150 Buster Skrine CB Chattanooga
    Speed! Earned First Team All-Southern Conference honors 2010 and 2009. 4.22 40-yard time is a school record. Speed!!Has five career INTs . Had team-high six tackles against #1 Auburn. Team Captain. Speed!!!
    6- Jerrell Powe DT Mississippi
    Run stuffing tackle. Might be more suitable for a 3/4 NT. Has not had the best off-season so a good value here this late. Rotation guy. 2010 ALL-SEC FOOTBALL SECOND TEAM
    7- Scott Tolzien QB Wisconsin He works well both under center and from the shotgun. Looks off the safety. Has mobility to be effective on bootlegs or dodging rushers. Quick release. Will compete for clip board duty and training camp rep maven.

    1-#5 Von Miller OLB Texas A&M
    The target pick? No one questions this young mans’ resume and the fact he could become an NFL All Pro for many years. He solves a big pass rush need for the Pats. Some Pats insiders question his size. He is actually bigger than All Pro ILB Mayo. This is a blue chip pick for Bill Belichick. Mayo, Spikes and Miller would be a formidable LB core for many years.
    2-#33 Danny Watkins OG Baylor
    There is not a better NFL Ready Guard in this Draft class to take over for Mankins than Watkins. He has Mankins mentality and that mean streak. He can start day one.

    2-#60 Randall Cobb WR Kentucky
    I see the many different positions he can play. Belichick loves multi-dimensional guys. He closely resembles al time Patriots’ Patriot Troy Brown in his multiple abilities. He plays best when the game is on the line. Can even play a little Wild Cat.
    3-#74 Greg Romeus DE/OLB Pittsburgh
    This young man has the power and speed to bring a solid rush from the edge. He can play the part McGinest did (again bringing back old Patriots names as in above). At 6’5” and 268lbs with 4.7 speed, he fits a need. But not for injuries that have now been cleared, he would have been a top five pick this year. Very much a steal on this pick like Hernandez was last year for the Pats. With Dockett in the fold at DE, Romeus can concentrate at OLB.

    3-#93 John Moffitt OG Wisconsin
    A much bigger Center/Guard who can take over for the smallish Koppen down the road. This tough guy can play Guard in the mean time. A '”steam roller” not a road grader. Seems like a good locker room type player as well.
    4-#124 Shiloh Keo SS Idaho
    Good size at 216lbs, thumper, can flip his hips, yet has quick enough feet as he returns punts. Quality ST guy. This is a perfect fit for the Pats and Keo. Very underrated.

    4-COMP (Ben Watson) James Carpenter OT Alabama
    All SEC. Not spectacular but steady and started 27 games at OLT. Can play Guard as well. Saban can give Belichick the goods on this kid.
    5-#156 Richard Sherman CB Stanford
    Former WR with 4.57 speed and is 6’2”. He is raw but can be versatile and play WR as well. A great big CB. With so many WR at 6’2” and taller now like Marshall and Johnson et,al, he is a valuable addition if he makes the squad. Should get the cerebral part of the Pats D as he hails from Stanford. Is also a return man.
    6-Trevor Vittatoe QB Texas-El Paso
    ALMOST 10,000 YARDS IN HIS CAREER AND 75 TDS .137.5 CAREER PASSING RATING. Maybe a camp arm, but an impressive career small school or not.
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    Not sure what you do for a profession but I'm thinking some company should hire you and put you in a THINK TANK...

    These threads are WAY out there and crazy!

    No way a team ever trades it two top players plus its #5 pick in the draft.. I don't even have time to read the thread, not sure how the heck you have time to think it up, post it and wait around for response..
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2011
  6. reflexblue

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    #91 Jersey

  7. CTHuskies

    CTHuskies Practice Squad Player

    Are you into conspiracy theories too?:confused: You have way too much time on your hands. That said, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the effort! :)
  8. DW Toys

    DW Toys In the Starting Line-Up

    Thank you, My Mother (rest her soul)would be pleased.

    The #5 went against our #17 and #28.

    It's simple. Understand I want to keep Mankins and Merriweather. But Mankins will have his lip poked out if he is insulted with $10m in 2011. Merriweather will ask for top Safety money in 2012 and we all doubt that worth so perhaps Bill trades him a year early. Fitz will take an out of AZ for a playoff Team. His price will be costly and that is a caveat. Dockett and Wilson had down years so you might can get them now. Kolb wants to start but AZ won't give up a #5 pick in the Draft for him. Wells might eventually get healthy. The Cards need pieces. The Eagles just smile and collect the best things they can get for Kolb and Jackson. Jackson is starting to be a distraction and has pissed Reid off and it has been offered up on a Philly site about a trade that gets Philly their needed Guard in Mankins in a trade revolving Jackson. I can't take credit ...or blame... for that one.

    If you have time to read it through great. If not thanks anyway. Just trying to use logic. The Ware deal was more fun (possible? who knows) but this could be very real.
    DW Toys
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    reamer Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I like my version better. :cool:
  10. ctpatsfan77

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    #3 Jersey

    To quote Dilbert, "You're solving the wrong problem."

    And, as I pointed out before, the Patriots are not getting a comp 4 for Watson. Even in a perfect world, the highest it would be is a 5, and Crumpler's contract offsets his, so the best-case scenario is a comp 7.
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  11. DW Toys

    DW Toys In the Starting Line-Up

    I appreciate it. They are for fun and hopefully thought provoking.
    DW Toys
  12. IllegalContact

    IllegalContact Pro Bowl Player

    this is worse than the 1st one.......

    the OL will be in shambles
  13. Dufflebagz

    Dufflebagz 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Why do you wanna get rid of Meriweather and Sanders so bad?
  14. sbpatfan

    sbpatfan Banned

    Heaping trash upon more trash in a trade doesn't make it better. When are people going to learn that? The Cardinals aren't going to give us their best players just because we're throwing "Pro-Bowlers" at them along with players that will be cut. Seriously, TBC and Kaczur? People wouldn't give a quarter for either of them. Good work boys, we demolished both our offensive line and secondary all in one trade.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2011
  15. fester

    fester On the Game Day Roster

    Cards Send
    WR Larry Fitzgerald
    DE Darnell Dockett
    SS Adrian Wilson
    RB Beanie Wells
    #5 Overall

    Patriots Send:
    unsigned OG Logan Mankins
    SS Brandon Meriweather
    #17 Overall
    #28 Overall
    injured and old OT Nick Kaczur
    subpackage DT Myron Pryor
    Nickel/Dime CB Wilhite
    #3/4 WR Brandon Tate
    FS James Sander
    OLB Tully Banta Cain

    So the Patriots receive a top-5 WR, an almost elite DE, and two JAG or better players as well as the #5 pick. The Patriots send a player that won't play for them, a solid but not spectacular safety who wants to freelance but is not at Polamalu level of ability to get away with free lancing, and then a shovel full of JAGs. Sanders has value for the Patriots due to team specific knowledge --- he is a good fit for what the Pats like to do, and his system-savvy makes up for limited atheletic ability. In a new system, his savvy is now about as limited as his atheletic ability. Banta Cain is probably worth a 5th rounder in trade straight up, maybe less because of his contract. Everyone else is a rookie deal specialist and that is it. Why would the Cardinals want a bunch of Patriots' JAGs from their opint of view? They have their own JAGs who already know their system.

    Oh yeah, the Patriots salary cap is blown to hell as the #5 pick is expensive as hell, Fitzgerald might take a "winning team discount" from best WR in the league money but he'll still want top-6 WR in the league money, Dockett has a good size contract, and the Pats will need to fill the roster spots with vet Jags instead of rookie contract Jags. Oh yeah, the talent pipeline is now constricted as two firsts were traded away.

    This entire scenario is insane. It is vaguely and drunkenly plausible using the Jets management approach, but it is antiethical to the Pats history of salary cap and roster management.
  16. fester

    fester On the Game Day Roster

    That last word is the great question for you... why?

    You do know that the Cardinals play a 3-4 correct? Ernie Sims is a fast 4-3/Cover-2 OLB at 6-0 230lbs. Yes, the Cardinal system is different that the Patriots 3-4 (basically the Cards are similar to the Steelers where the D-line 1 gaps more often and the OLBs are not counted on as much to set a hard edge), but the Cards still require BIG OLBs --- maybe not tall, but heavy guys who can go head to head against 315lb OTs for 60 plays a game. Sims ain't that guy.
  17. Box_O_Rocks

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  18. IllegalContact

    IllegalContact Pro Bowl Player

    we can end the von miller talk now.....

    Maiocco: Should 49ers be be wary of A&M LB Miller at No. 7?

    Dave Razzano, who spent more than two decades as an NFL scout and appears regularly on Comcast SportsNet's "Chronicle Live," believes whichever team spends a high draft pick on Miller will ultimately be disappointed.
    "He's got some Vernon Gholston in him," Razzano said, referring to the sixth overall pick of the New York Jets in 2008. Gholston failed to record a sack in 42 games and was released this offseason.

    "I'm not a big Von Miller fan," Razzano said. "In looking at Big-12 tape, he does not have a motor. He doesn't chase hard. They run at him, and he doesn't fight off blockers. When he gets sacks, a lot of times he's not getting blocked. He's a one-move guy."

    Read more: Maiocco: Should 49ers be be wary of A&M LB Miller at No. 7?
    Tune to SportsNet Central at 6, 10:30 and midnight on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area for more on this story
  19. DW Toys

    DW Toys In the Starting Line-Up

    I don't want to get rid of Merriweather or Mankins. Merriweather will be asking a ton next year and now is the best time to get value. They say a year early is always better.
    Everybody values Sanders in this forum and I don't. I watch what he does. I have very good reason and it blows me away why posters on this forum cover for him. But everyone of this site has their own personal favorites or JAGS and I respect that.
    I will try to stress this again. We were 30th in pass yards against and most of those came up the middle. Pass rush is important, but not the cure-all. Smarter posters than I see Sanders as Ronnie Lott. He had a good year personally in 2010, but that did not translate to the Team. I do not believe I am wrong when I say he is replaceable.

    I enjoy doing these exercises but I have to be fair to each team. I even made up a trade value chart for player trades. But to try to please everyone is an enormous undertaking. So If I feel I see an upgrade over Sanders, I am certainly not emotionally tied to him as some are. Again some people feel he is special. I don't know if we could get a 5th rounder for him at best. Then I hear, "Well he is a BB favorite!" I have heard that from BB and the guy is gone the next day. TBC and Kaczur represent CAP dollars. Yet both could be CAP casualties here. Adding them to a deal if the said Team accepts, helps out the Pats. It's entertainment and I surely don't expect every aspect to be perfect, just the main story line to have at the least some reality. If posters say "no", I can't control that.

    I appreciate you comments. You really have to dig into every part to see where I was going with this.
    DW Toys
  20. DW Toys

    DW Toys In the Starting Line-Up

    Fester, Sims was a throw in and honestly if you read the beginning of my disputation you might note that at the time Sims and Anderson might not be tendered. Just a little icing ion the cake that was all. It would not upset the parameters of the deal but thanks for your comments.
    DW Toys
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