Next years FA class

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by R_T26, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. R_T26

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  2. maverick4

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    I don't think any of those guys hits the market or comes at a free agent price we consider a good value.

  3. onegameatatime

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    There is only one year. This is the year.
    There is only one year. This is the year.
    There is only one year. This is the year.
    There is only one year. This is the year.
  4. BradyManny

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    Draft another WR in low to mid rounds, maybe extend Gabriel if he looks good. Go with a core of Gabriel, Jackson, Caldwell + draft pick. I think that'll do nicely for a few more years.
  5. rookBoston

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    What about Gabriel and Jackson? It's not like the cupboard is bare.
  6. R_T26

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    I agree. We need more value like Beisel, warfield, brown etc. Instead of paying for guys like Dillon, Harrison, and Colvin who never do anything.
  7. Remix 6

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    i hope for Clements..he only signed a 1 yr deal after being franchised so its likely he hits FA
  8. maverick4

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    That's not what I meant. We got Dillon/Harrison/Colvin at fair value, because Dillon was unpopular in CINN, Harrison was released and was happy to sign, and Chicago did not actively pursue or trump the Pats' offer for Colvin.

    But for the guys coming out next year, I feel that their home teams will open their wallets to keep them, and that the Pats will have to OVERPAY if we want to sign any of those guys.

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  9. patsfan55

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    here are some interesting guys
    you dont know who will stay with their current teams but its still worth a look

    drew bennet
    kevin curtis
    patrick crayton-restricted
    bobby engram (i really want this guy)
    dj hackett-rfa
    keenan mccardell
    shaun mcdonald
    samie parker-rfa
    willie ponder (could be good returner)
    travis taylor
    kelley washington (i wanted to draft him instead of bethel)
    ernest wilford-rfa

    lance briggs: 6'1" 240lbs
    na'il diggs: 6'4" 240lbs
    london fletcher-baker: 5'10" 245lbs (i would love to line this guy up next to bruschi on the inside)
    randall godfrey: 6'2" 245lbs
    adalius thomas: 6'2" 270lbs(has the weight willie has and could be a very good strongside guy in our system)

    nate clements

    deon grant
    ken hamlin
    michael lewis
    john lynch
    tony parrish
  10. R_T26

    R_T26 Banned

    Lets not forget that Colvin was one of the most expensive f/a signings that year...and despite the injury appears to have been worth it. But their was an article on a couple of weeks ago that made a good point. It said that the pats are at their best when they pick up players who used to be good but were thought to be passed their prime, rather then picking up guys who were never good.

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