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    #12 Jersey

    - Givens re-signed cheap or a faster replacement brought in.
    - 2 TE offense full time.
    - Dillon getting 25 carries a game, with his cap number we have no choice.
    - Neal re-signed or a good replacement.
    - An OLB to develop behind Willie.
    - An ILB to develop behind Bruschi.
    - A stud Safety to play with Wilson if Harrison doesn't come back or with Harrison and Wilson could go back to CB.

    That's a list of :

    1 WR (starter quality)
    1 OG (starter quality)
    1 Safety (starter quality)
    2 LB (developmental quality)

    That's not an overly aggressive list with all the draft picks we have. I'd love a stud CB but they are a lot more costly.

    My best case would be a young, stud Safety teamed with Rodney and having Hobbs, Wilson, Samuel and Gay at CB. But that's probably unrealistic unless Harrison is way ahead in his re-hab.

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