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    Brady Bunch: The Bradys of San Mateo brought their three-day run to an end by missing the cut in the pro-am competition. That would be New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, paired with Frank Lickliter, and Brady's father Tom Sr., who played with Rocco Mediate.

    Not surprisingly, Brady the quarterback bathed in most of the adulation from the crowds. But his dad got a hearty ovation Saturday on No. 18, where he twice failed to escape a greenside bunker. Brady Sr. finally picked up the ball and threw it onto the green, then doffed his cap and acknowledged the applause.

    "I had been fighting that bunker all week long," Brady said. "I found more sand than when I went to Hawaii."

    Their whoops, hollers and chants -- "professional support for the amateur golfer," they call it -- can be heard a couple of fairways away, but their all-day show can only be appreciated up close.

    "Who's your daddy?" they shouted at New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who grinned with amusement and appreciation.

    "He's right there," he answered, pointing to one of the other members of his foursome, Tom Brady Sr.

    While most PGA Tour pros walk past the wildness with nary a glance -- they're trying to earn a living, for Pete's sake -- the celebrities love the energy.

    Brady was one of many who dipped into a giant margarita glass and took some of Club 15's souvenir tees. He walked away wearing a Club 15 golf hat, then galloped over to sign a Pats jersey worn by Boston resident Jason Arredondo, who was spending his second AT&T with the Club 15 crowd.


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