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Discussion in 'Florida Patriots Fans' started by freightguy, Aug 14, 2012.

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    Hey guys. If you are a Patriots Fan living in the West Palm Beach area or you know of one, please stop by our Facebook page and join the club.

    After the sale of John Bull Pub last year which was our Pats Fan club base, the new owners expressed that they would not continue. I am starting a new fan club, First step is gaining online support while we look for a local bar will to commit to us.

    The Facebook page is New England Patriots Fan Club of West Palm Beach | Facebook

    If you can help, please do so. Would really like to have us setup for the first regular season game.

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    Hey South Florida! The season is getting going again and its looking pretty exciting. If you live in our are visiting South Florida during this season then come and hang with us to watch the games at The Bull Bar & Grille in West Palm Beach, FL.

    We are the New England Patriots Fan Club of West Palm Beach, The "Paradise Division of Patriot Nation".
    Check out our our Expats chapter here: exPats - Member Profile

    And join our conversation on our facebook page:

    Go Pats!

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