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  1. There are seven teams who have let their coach go. And many are looking at shuffling the same old never-weres-and-never-will-bes. Two guys who occasionally get a polite mention as candidates are truly interesting.

    Kirk Ferentz and Pat Hill. Both have been assistants in the NFL, so they are not novices to the pro game. Both have made the transition from assistant to the guy who calls all the shots. IMO, there are many guys who are excellent assistants, but will or have failed as Head Coaches. Its the old "Peter Principle" that you keep getting promoted until you reach a level where you are incompetent, and that's where you remain.

    IMO, both of these guys have demonstrated that they know and can excell at the totally different job that a Head Coach has.

    Oh, did I mention that they were and are proteges of the Generalissimo hisself...Bill Belichick? Meanwhile the Jests are contemplating recycling Haslett and the Bills are for keeping Mularky.

    Guaranteed four victories a year; Hurrah!!!
  2. T-ShirtDynasty

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    Actually one of my genuine fears is that the Jests might actually make a smart move and get their hands on Kirk Ferentz, then we'd have two BB disciples in our own division.
  3. Bill's Girl

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    Or Pat Hill from Fresno State!
  4. T-ShirtDynasty

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    Yeah, but I was more worried about Ferentz because he's actually said this year that he'll listen to NFL offers... has Pat Hill shown interest in leaving Fresno?
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    A deep throated announcer whispers, "Nobody leaves Fresno", an Eagles tune starts playing in the background, fade to black.
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    Don't worry. I remember seeing somewhere that they really like Jim Haslett.
  7. Box_O_Rocks

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    SI's web site was reporting Childress and the Vikes are agreed.
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    Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
    By Pete Seeger. "...Where have all the soldiers gone? Gone to graveyards everyone. When will they ever learn? when will they ever learn?..."
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    A very artistic forum today!
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    I sense a deeper meaning to the four posts above.
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    Mularkey gets a complete pass so far because Donahoe was GM... Mularkey could have been Bill Belichick reincarnate but with Donahoe running things it wouldn't have made a difference. We'll see how it goes next season...
  12. AndyJohnson

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    Has anyone else thought this?

    The good NFL coaches all have one thing in common, IMO. They all come off as leaders who want to be clearly in charge. They want to control everything, and seem to not care at all about the outside factors, ie media, accolades, etc.

    Why is it that so many teams hire HCs who do not come off as strong leaders?

    I guess its the 'genius coordinator' or 'great x and o' guy approach?
    To me, if I'm hiring a Head Coach, I want the guy who says, Im in charge, this is the way I do things, and that is non-negotiable.

    Thats what always puzzled me about Herman Edwards. He was supposedly a defensive minded coach, steeped in the Dungy system.
    He goes out and hires Cotrell and hands off the defense to Cotrells philosophy, which was different. Then he replaces him with Henderson, and give Henderson carte blanche to create his own system.
    Offensively, he did the same thing. herms offensive philosophy was whatever Paul Hackett wanted, then he hired Heimerdinger, and totally changed the O, into something he had never coached or understood.

    How does 'The Man' allow his assistants to dictate the philosophy of the team?

    I have never looked closely at it but it seems more often than not, the coordinators who are hired as HCs come out from under weak HCs, who allowed them to make decisions on scheme and philosophy for them.
    Other than Crenell and Weis how many coordinators who got HC jobs came off Championship teams? I could be wrong but it seems the best way to become a HC is to be hired by a weak HC as his coordinator and be known as the guy who made the decisions on the good half of a bad team.
  13. I think Jeff Fisher isn't that bad of a coach. He has a gm.

    Crennell has a good gm in Savage.

    Coughlin imo is a good coach...he has a gm.

    For the most part, I do agree though.
  14. DaBruinz

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    Well, Ferentz told the Texans that he was staying at the college level for now so I would be very surprised to see him go to the Jets.

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