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New Forum Guidelines - **Please Read Before Starting a New Thread**

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Ian, Oct 12, 2009.

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    Before you start a new thread, please take the time to check and see if a similar thread has already recently been posted. Scan the first page and the second, or also use the "Search" function. This will prevent redundant threads and as a result you’ll have more people who will participate in your topic.

    Please create a thread people can actually participate in – Wondering what we mean by that? We have no issue with you criticizing a coach or a player. But if you do, please be sure to explain your point and why you feel that way, and offer some input as to what you like, or what you don't like and why. Please don’t start a thread about a coach or player that has just a sentence of two saying someone stinks and should be gotten rid of. That makes it hard for everyone to see your view of things unless we really understand why you feel the way you do. Who knows - you may find you have plenty of others who agree with you.

    Please Don't Spam with Advertisements, etc. - Advertisements should come with money. If you're not giving us any and you're trying to sell something here, we don't like that, and will strike you down :beatingcoming:

    Personal Insults and Threats - Not allowed. Please don't do it, and if you're a victim of one hit the [​IMG] button and one of us will address it.

    Article Posting - Please post a link and limit whatever you post to a couple of sentences or quotes, but don't post the whole article. Failure to comply will result in an infraction, the second of which will result in a permanant ban. Contrary to popular belief while it may occur in other forums, reposting articles in their entirety is illegal and is absolutely not permitted here. If you don't approve of this rule, please include your name and address so I can send the notice to your house and let you personally pay the fine for violating it.

    Links to Game Video Feeds - Please do not share these links publicly in the forum. I understand there is a crazy service called "Google" that allows you to find these - and that's great. However they're obviously not legal - so since Google is a billion dollar company and we're not, posting them here is not permitted. Use other methods of communication if you wish to ask another fan for assistance.

    On another note, to try and prevent having people get irritated when threads are closed, merged, etc. we’re really trying to encourage everyone to be sure to put some solid effort into their threads that are started so all of us can have better discussions with you. The more great discussions we have and the better the threads, the better the experience is for everyone here.

    We always appreciate your feedback and be sure to let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. In the meantime welcome to the board, and it's great to have you here. Feel free to to PM me anytime - I'm always happy to help :cool:

    Thanks again,

    Ian Logue
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