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    So I remember someone made a prayer last June for the bruins and we all know how awesome that went so I made one myself for the patriots. Let me know what you all think and if anyone knows someone that can post it in one of the other forums I can't post in because I haven't had enough posts tell them they are free to do so but I'd like credit when the pats win the superbowl.

    Our father,
    Who art in foxboro, football be thy name.
    Thy will be done at Gilette as well as *in Indy.
    Give us this day our touchdowns and Gronk spikes,
    and forgive us our turnovers, as we forgive those who hit your nephew.
    Lead us not into defeat but to a fourth ring.*
    In the name of the hoodie,
    Tom Brady, and Myra kraft.*


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