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    Yes, I know that in each individual case, the re-signing cost was too prohibitive or the player copped an attitude, etc., etc., that did not fit the Belipioli model. (Exception here being Curtis Martin.) All teams have lost talented players to big-money free agent contracts. But this is a pretty mindboggling list of players that I doubt any other team can match, as far as guys with something left in the tank who've flown the coop. One can't help but fantasize what it would be like if all these guys were still wearing blue and silver. Have I forgotten anyone? Of course, the league continues to debate the Patriots' front office philosophy re., "system" vs. "talent," yet our three Lombardis speak for themselves. Still, I feel this season puts the Belipioli model to test like no other.

    Ty Law

    Lawyer Milloy

    Willie McGinest

    David Givens

    Damien Woody

    Joe Andruzzi

    Adam Vinatieri

    David Patten

    Tom Ashworth

    Greg Spires

    Drew Bledsoe

    Terry Glenn

    Curtis Martin
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    I don't see a main difference between us and any other team in the league. I mean, if guys like Patten, Ashworth, and Spires are going to be on the list, may as well add Tim Dwight, Andre Davis, Adrian Klemm, Matt Chatham, Robbie Gould, Christian Morton, Kliff Kingsbury, Spencer Nead, Antoine Womack, etc. Out of that list, only Martin (special case...and left during the Greir/Carroll regime), Vinatieri, Law, and Woody were the only players near Pro-Bowl calibre when they left town, and they all sought out to be the highest paid player in the league at their position...and two succeeded in being the highest paid player at their position All-Time.

    Bottom Line: Guys like Andruzzi and Givens are special to us, and to us only, because they were Patriots. They were serviceable starters. Losing them isn't exactly hemorrhaging elite talent.
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    You are correct to make these distinctions. I meant to focus on guys that moved on to be starters/significant contributors elsewhere; Patten would be one exception on my list. Isn't Ashworth penciled in as a starter in Seattle? And I believe Spires started in Tampa Bay. But really, what other team has unloaded similar amounts of talent?
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    Spires started at DE in the Superbowl for the Bucs the year that Chucky got his prize.

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