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    Ventrone was my sleeper to make the squad last year on special teams. I always liked him. There were some interesting articles about him at Villanova..before he was injured. Hitting like a freight train on special teams..more like a LB playing safety... Saw him at camp, but he seemed a bit green...although there was the interesting story about him and Bruschi when he made his comeback..a hard hitter. Josh Miller as well has praised him as an up and comer when he talked on Bostpon's ESPN..with Felger.
    Yes, I expect good things from him this next year. Apparently he wasn't ready to step in this year when more experience was needed, but I really like his chances to be in the mix.
    Great article!!!
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    I love the fact that Sam Garnes is coaching him.
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    Bunch of us here like Ray's style ... hope he sticks.

    Personally, i was surprised that he wasn't brought up during the secondary crisis last season. Whyever that was ... undoubtedly he'll have to cure that deficiency first.

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