NEP 2012 draft class: 100% Graduation rate?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by WinstonSmith, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. WinstonSmith

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    I have the entire NEP draft class of 2012, except for Ebert, as safely making the 53. With the cuts at WR - Ebert becomes at least a dark horse to make it.

    I think this says as much about last year’s defense as it does the quality of the Pats' draft, but it’s amazing that all of the NEP draftees have a shot at making the 53.
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  2. Funktopus

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    It does give a huge feeling of optimism. Especially, thinking about the FAs that BB brought in as competition. It's looking like the draftees out practiced established veterans. Hopefully, that translates to on the field productivity.
  3. rookBoston

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    BB drafts players that he thinks can contribute to the team, at positions that need youth. They also compete with veterans with leverage, given that (1) they are more affordable and (2) it may take a TC or two to decide how high their ceiling is. So, in case of a close competition, the rookie will win.

    Final observation, other than compensatory picks, BB is more likely to trade the pick into a future year than draft a player that has no chance of contributing to the team. This has been a problem that I think BB has had in the past, drafting players at positions with too much veteran depth for them to compete, but too good to clear waivers to make the PS. This year, he's been much more judicious, trading up and trading back.
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