Negotiations for LB Spikes on 'Solid Footing'

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Article, Jul 22, 2010.

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    Re: Negotiations for LB Spikes on ?Solid Footing?

    Glad to here. It'd be nice to see everyone onbaord and ready to go on day 1.

    Thanks for that article!
  3. Calciumee

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    Good, I want to see what he can do :D And hopefully make all the teams that passed on him question why they did it :D
  4. DarrylS

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    Between him and McKenzie hopefully they are kickazz, smart MLB's.... looking forward to their play this year.
  5. PlainOldEd

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    Looks like you have a typo there Ian.

    "TE Jermaine Cunningham"
  6. Ron Sellers

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    For comparison sakes Tampa Bay just signed DT Brian Price. His deal is for four years, has a $2.72 million signing bonus, and could be worth $5.35 million if he reaches all his bonus options. His base salaries are $320k in 2010, $405k in 2011, $409k in 2012 and $575k in 2013.

    Price was the 35th pick overall in this year's draft. For comparison, James Laurinaitis was the 35th pick last year (Patrick Chung was #34.) Laurinaitis' contract was also for four years and was supposed to be worth $5.09 million, with base salaries of $395k in '10, $620k in '11, and $500k in '12. I couldn't find other details, but I did read Price's contract represented about an 8% increase over Laurinaitis' contract.

    Here are the Pats' remaining draft picks, and players drafted at the same spot last year. My guess is their contracts will be about 8-10% more than their 2009 counterparts.

    #27: Devin McCourty
    -2009: Donald Brown - 5 years, $11.235m

    #42 Rob Gronkowski
    -2009: Jairus Byrd - 4 years, $4.150m

    #53 Jermaine Cunningham
    -2009: LeSean McCoy - 4 years, $3.47m, $1.72m guaranteed

    #62 Brandon Spikes
    -2009: Sen'Derrick Marks - 4 years, $3.117m
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    Pats Pulpit made some salary projections similar to above. Their numbers are not identical but very close. They also point at that the player drafted immediately prior to Spikes, UMass' Vladamir Ducasse, has already signed a 4-year, $3.25m deal. Spikes' contract should be just under that.

    New England Patriots Rookie Contracts - Pats Pulpit

    Their projections:

    McCourty - 5 years, $13.13m
    Gronkowski - 4 years, $4.225m
    Cunningham - 4 years, $3.577m
    Spikes - 4 years, $3.189m
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