Negativity 101 . . . by Michael Felger.

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by BelichickFan, Mar 12, 2007.

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    "First, the Pats overpaid (both in draft pick compensation and salary) for possession receiver Wes Welker. Then, yesterday, they took a chance on a questionable character in Donte’ Stallworth."
    BF - They didn't overpay they just chose a safe way to use the #2 pick. Low ceiling, high floor. Maybe not my preference but a decent way to use a #2.

    "It’s likely the Donte’ Stallworth Era, no matter how well he performs, will last all of one year."
    BF - No it's not, the cap hits are reasonable and fairly equal for the length of the contract. It's success oriented and a solid long term deal if Stallworth reaches that success.

    "That’s $11 million in payouts for Year 2, meaning he likely will be allowed to kick the can again in free agency next year"
    BF - Because the Krafts don't have that kind of money I suppose :confused: :rolleyes:

    "The Eagles, in particular, have been desperate for receivers for a decade, yet they didn’t exactly put up a huge fight to get him back. Instead, they signed Bethel Johnson."
    BF - For the love of God. First he uses piss poor logic to suggest the Eagles preferred Bethel. And second, even if they did that doesn't mean they were right.

    "Both the Eagles and Saints had to endure Stallworth’s steady stream of minor injuries, most of them muscle-related. Stallworth missed four games with a hamstring problem last year and has played all 16 games only twice in his career."
    BF - So he's only played 16 games twice in his career - but those two were both in the last three years. And Branch has only played in all 16 games once in his career, btw (twice if you include last year when he missed a game or two after being acquired late).

    "The Philadelphia Inquirer reported last week that Stallworth is in the league’s substance-abuse program, meaning he has violated terms of the agreement at least once and could be one more violation away from a suspension."
    BF - Or he could not be one more violation away from a suspension. I believe a suspension is on the third offense - who's to say he has two, Felger.
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  2. Box_O_Rocks

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    You read him, even after seeing the by-line, you get what you deserve for that faux pas.
  3. PATRIOTS-80

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    hmmm... it looks like Borgie wrote it and Felgie put his name on it. :D Someone from the media has to keep the uninformed masses from being positive during Borgie's unpaid vacation. :D
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    I like how he faults the Pats for going for Stallworth and his 'questionable character" and in the same article faults the Pats for not signing him last year.

    What a whore.
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  5. patsox23

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    If the Pats really wanted Stallworth, "he would've been here last August?" We still had Deion then. He was already with Philly then. Felger wants to prove everyone right who sent him nasty e-mails. His logic doesn't even work there, it makes NO sense. What a putz.
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    Of course its likely that it will be a one year deal. The only way we can pick up the option is if we are virtually certain that he'll be worth $6M/yr during years 2-6.

    If you actually believe what you have written, I offer you an even money wager that the Patriots do not exercise the option in Stallworth's contract (due in February of next year) unless Stallworth first agrees to materially restructure his contract. You choose the amount, $20 to $200.

    Here we go again. This has nothing to do with how much money the Krafts will spend. It has to do with being smart about the salary cap. Paying that kind of guaranteed money to an NFL receiver who is not the second coming of Rice is something only foolish teams do. Foolish teams don't win Super Bowls in the salary cap era.

    In the NFL, the single best predictor of whether or not a player will miss games during the next season, is whether or not he has missed games in previous seasons. Even age is less important. If Stallworth doesn't make it to the field of play he will be useless. This may be the single most important consideration in acquiring any player. How can you criticize Felger for this?

    Don't get me wrong. I am very happy about signing Stallworth. I just understand that it is more than likely a one year deal.
  7. GoPats

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    So basically he is saying the Eagles FO (0 SB) is smarter than the Pats FO (3 SB's). That signing Bethel is better than signing Stallworth. What a moron. I guarantee Stallworth will have more receptions than Bethel next year!
  8. DGameguy

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    You know I usually like him as a sportswriter but his arguments on Sports Final were laughable. First he kept saying what a great signing Stallworth was and how the FO was doing a good job targetting needs in free agency. Then he criticizes them on the injury/character conerns, while still praising the deal.

    He also said that Samuel might hold out on the Franchise tag when the agent all but guaranteed he would not. While I know that Samuel's deal doesnt include the 22mil in bonuses, the one year tender is about the same as the average yearly salary of celements. Also, said Asante gave mixed signals at Chestnut Hill, when in the interview on Fox 25 all he said was positive things and implied coming to terms on a long term deal soon. Whatever. I guess someone needs to be the target of our ire now the Borges is on vacation :p
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    That's not true at all. Forget the first year. If you just look at the option part of the contract (5 years, $28.5 million, $11.5 guaranteed), it is no more or less onerous than a typical contract for a middling #1 or top #2 wide receiver. Roughly halfway between what David Givens and Deion Branch got. It's not a particular risky contract. After three years into the five year deal, the Pats could release the player and take a digestible dead money hit...just like any other free agent contract. On the plus side, the Pats get the best possible evaulation -- one full year with the player in their system.

    I'll take the bet. But, rather than cash, let's play for a Patriots' cap from the Pro Shop. I don't want to bury you because I suspect you'll get some other Pats fans who want a piece of the action. And, I would define material restructuring as a change in total dollars and/or guaranteed money. I would not consider shifting roster bonus money into pro-rated option bonus dollars as a material restructuring. Oh, and if exercise the option and then trade the player under the existing contract, I want my cap.

    It's really simple, actually. The Pats are going to sign one of their three one-year receivers (Caldwell, Gaffney, Stallworth) to a long-term extension. If Stallworth, at age 27 with 4.25 speed, is the most productive receiver of the three, then they'll exercise the option, because it's a fair price for a productive receiver -- cheaper than they would have to pay to a free agent.

    It's not that much guaranteed money by today's standards.
  10. solman

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    We can wager for the cash value of a cap. If I lose, and you insist, I'll go to the website for you.

    I can't seem to send you a private message so we can exchange email addresses (this is what I did with Miguel). Please send me a private message reiterating the terms and providing contact information (or propose another method of contact).
  11. hwc

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    I turned on my private messaging. I'll PM you tomorrow and we can nail down the parameters!

    I figure it's about 50%-50% that the Pats pick up the option. It really depends on how Stallworth performs because the contract isn't prohibitive if he's good. I dunno...I figure if he can stretch the defense and grab 50 or 60 balls, the Pats will probably pull the trigger on the deal. They've been trying to get Brady a speedster ever since Belichick got here and have failed miserably through the draft. They love to throw deep.

    Eagles fans are royally PO'd. They say he's been a good lockerroom guy in Philly. Blocks downfield on running plays. And, that the drug thing was back in NO before the Eagles traded for him.

    They didn't know Bethel Johnson was a burner like Stallworth. I told 'em to look on the bright side, Bethel can flat out fly, too.
  12. DarrylS

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    With the resident contrarian, Ron Borges sent to the woodshed, Michael Felger is compelled to turn anything good to bad.. maybe it will attract a few more listeners on his ESPN show.. it is about the ratings, nothing else.
  13. RayClay

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    I don't read Felger. I know people just say that stuff, but I really don't. I check Tomase to see if anything's going on.

    Tomase actually writes some great feature articles when they give him a chance.

    I read Borges, because it's a trainwreck and he's a good writer. Plus I like to catch him lying. Shaugnessy is a good writer, but he's such an ******* I don't read him because it makes me upset.

    Felger's not even a good writer. He's just a whiny, negative, contrarian.

    I just don't see the reason for this guy. He comes from Wisconsin and writes a book about the old Patriots. Why? People on this board know 10 times more about it than he does.
  14. patman52

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    I dont get it with Felger, 3 or 4 years ago, I liked him. I was happy that he got his own show because you can only take so much of Weei yelling at each other.

    Now he sets himself up as a devil's advocate for every move the pats made.

    On another note, The media harping on Schilling for his blog, they cant stand the net as it gives an unfreeeterd access to what the player actually says and not their interpertation / spin of what the player said.
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  15. PatsMyBoyz!

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    If that isn't Borgesian I don't know what is.
  16. homerpatsfan

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    one year one superbowl. thats enough for me. anything after that is a bonus.

  17. PatsMyBoyz!

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    I really liked 4 Downs,and the fact it aired after Tailgate (Chicken Soup For The Homer) provided some necessary balance.Obviously with Borges on the panel Felger looked pretty good lol.
    Felger's either absorbing Borges' role or now that he's out of Borges' shadow,his slip is showing.
  18. Kdo5

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    And then Felger is the biggest suckup to the Pats after they win a game. :rolleyes:
  19. BelichickFan

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    Playing 16 games 2 out of the lats 3 years is a good predictor too. Stallworth has done that.
  20. DefenseRules

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    If Miami or one of those other teams had signed Stallworth, I wonder what he would have to say. Jeez, the guy probably hasn't even found a place to live yet. WELCOME TO NEW ENGLAND STALLWORTH. :rolleyes:

    Good job Felger.

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