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Need some Fantasy Advice

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by 2_LAW_4, Dec 2, 2011.

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    Hi all,
    I am in quite the Fantasy predicament.

    This week is my FF semi-finals. I won the league's point total prize, and my opponent has a decent team, but I think mine is much better.

    Anyway, its a PPR league, just having trouble who to start.

    QB Tom Brady - obvious starter vs IND
    1RB Ray Rice - obvious starter vs CLE
    2RB MJD - been playing great since bye week, vs SD
    1WR Victor Cruz - Manningham out, vs GB
    Flex (rb/wr)
    TE Jimmy Graham - Obvious starter vs DET
    Defense Chicago Bears - vs KC

    I really need advice on who to start as my second WR, Flex player, and Kicker. Here are my options:

    RB - BJGE vs IND
    RB - Kevin Smith vs NO (Questionable)
    WR - Dwayne Bowe vs CHI - Played decent last two weeks, even with Palko
    WR - Laurant Robinson vs ARZ - straight games with a TD, Austin OUT
    WR - Stevie Johnson vs TEN - killed Revis last week. Got a ton of targets.

    K - Stephen Gostkowski vs IND
    K - Billy Cundiff vs CLE

    As it stands right now, I currently have the following roster dressed:

    QB Brady
    RB1 Rice
    RB2 MJD
    WR1 Bowe
    WR2 Cruz
    WR3 Robinson
    TE Graham
    K Cundiff
    D Bears

    - If Kevin Smith was healthy, I'd really lean towards him, and probably sit Bowe. I have reservations dressing Robinson, because the guy I'm playing has Romo as his starting QB, and I don't want Romo to do well. I really like BJGE this week. The Colts are near the bottom in stopping the run. Woodhead is a little banged up. And based on last week's game, BJGE got a lot of goaline touches (2TDs). Starting Bowe really concerns me. With Palko at QB its scary. I am hoping Orton plays, because I am sure he will target Bowe often. CHI is ranked 30th against the pass. With both teams missing their starting QBs, I see a lot of three and outs, which could mean Bowe sees a lot of possessions. Stevie Johnson pretty much became a bench player after two weeks of poor performances. But last week, he did really well, against Revis. Does he breakout this week against the Titans?

    The guy I am playing this week has the following players dressed:

    QB Romo
    RB1 Michael Bush
    RB2 Mathews
    WR1 Boldin
    WR2 Harvin
    WR3 Heyward-Bay
    TE Davis
    K Janokowski
    D Cowboys

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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