Need Help!! Driving 18 hrs to see Pats vs Cardinals this weekend!!

Discussion in 'Patriots Fan Tailgate Meet Ups' started by kbbluepits, Dec 18, 2008.

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    Alright fans...I'm originally from Boston but have settled down in Atlanta for about 8 years now. Tomorrow, my wife and I are driving off to visit the parents back in New England for the holidays. We're staying 2 weeks! I've caught every game this year at my buddy's pub but now I'm coming back home....I definitely HAVE to tailgate with the real fans this weekend!!

    I have a few tailgating questions I want to ask you guys at home:

    - Where's the best tailgating section at the Gillette Stadium?

    - I don't have tickets and probably won't be able to get any. Where can I watch the game close by the stadium? Do people have TVs outside where we can freeze our butts off cheering??

    - Any local pubs where fans hang out after the game?

    I can't wait for Sunday. This is going to be the highlight of my vacation!! My name's KB and probably the biggest Pats fan that live in the dirty south. If you see this dog and boy around...come by and say hello. They're both my kids:) Thanks in advance for the help!! GO PATS!!!

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    P10 has lots of tailgaters
    Go to the FULL TILT FULL TIME banner and ask for tix

    With the storm there MAY be folks there selling their xtra tix. Walk across Rt 1 towards the ticket gates and look around you for surreptitious (it's illegal here) ticket resellers.
    Do not pay more than face value. You don't have to.

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