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Discussion in 'Boston Celtics Fan Forum' started by notex, Mar 23, 2007.

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    hey i was wondering about the draft order...i know there are percentages for each team getting the #1 pick but how do they do it after the first do percentages go after that pick...i want durant in the draft if we dont get oden, even if we miss on those two i think we can get a good player, that guy from kansas looks good...
  2. Real World

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  3. BradyManny

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    So we'd have a 19.9% chance of getting the first pick (if we do finish 2nd)?

    Personally, I really hate the lottery. I have no problem with teams playing for the draft. The draft exists so that the crappy teams have a chance to get better, the draft is the great equalizer and the lottery can only screw with this.
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    Well, Durant is supposedly announcing his intention to enter the Draft today. I sure hope the Celtics get lucky in the lottery. They need a break real bad.
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    Looks like the whole world is coming out. Durant. Probably Oden. Brandon Wright, Julian Wright, etc. The top two are the biggies but there's others who should be very, very good players.
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    If Oden does not come out or if they are not in a position to take him, I think the Celtics should trade the pick. They are in need of a difference my opinion that is either Oden or an experienced NBA player.
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    i think they should trade the pick. We have enough young guys on the team. I say trade our #1 to Minn for Kevin Garnett. Then we would have a great 1/2 puch with him and PP, with the youth, that would be a pretty nice team.
    C - Garnett
    F - Al
    F - Gomes
    G - PP
    G - West

    and a great bench.

    C - Perkins
    F - Green
    F - Wally
    G - Allen
    G - Rondo

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