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National Academies Press

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by patsfan13, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Has 4,000 books from their collection available for free download on a variety of topics.

    Behavioral and Social Sciences
    Biography and Autobiography
    Biology and Life Sciences
    Computers and Information Technology
    Conflict and Security Issues
    Earth Sciences
    Energy and Energy Conservation
    Engineering and Technology
    Environment and Environmental Studies
    Food & Nutrition
    Health and Medicine
    Industry and Labor
    Math, Chemistry and Physics
    Policy for Science and Technology
    Space and Aeronautics
    Transportation and Infrastructure

    The National Academies Press
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    #24 Jersey

    Well cool....maybe this can be one more unnecessary thing that The Republican Congressmen and women (on both federal and state levels) can cut from their budgets.......Better yet, they should start charging for the downloads - then they can actually start to replace funds rather than just eliminate programs.

    Founded by Congressional Charter

    To meet the government's urgent need for an independent adviser on scientific matters, President Lincoln signed a congressional charter forming the National Academy of Sciences in 1863 to "investigate, examine, experiment, and report upon any subject of science." As science began to play an ever-increasing role in national priorities and public life, the National Academy of Sciences eventually expanded to include the National Research Council in 1916, the National Academy of Engineering in 1964, and the Institute of Medicine in 1970


    The NAS, NAE, IOM, and Research Council do not receive direct appropriations from the federal government, although many of our activities are mandated and funded by Congress and federal agencies. Our work extends well beyond fulfilling federal government requests, however. Foundations, state governments, the private sector, and philanthropy from individuals enable us to address critical issues on behalf of the nation.

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