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    O.K. Its time to make predictions for the playoff games starting with the 4 Wild Card games this weekend - All look entertaining to say the least and here goes....

    KANSAS CITY @ INDIANAPOLIS - Everyone is talking about Larry Johnson carrying the ball 35-40 or more times in this game and I am sure Indy will load up the box to avoid big gains and in my opinion the Passing game of KC will matter more as the game goes on,even though Indys run D sucks - Look for Trent to throw 30 times in this game to try and overcome Peyton and Company who should be scoring quite rapidly as the game gets into the 3rd quarter - I look for KC to hang tough early with some solid rushing but then Indy goes on an early 2nd half scoring frenzy to put this game away by early in the 4th quarter,thereby ending KCs chances to run the ball more - PREDICTION : INDIANAPOLIS 38 KANSAS CITY 28

    NY GIANTS @ PHILADELPHIA - Pretty much the fact that the Giants have lost 6 of 8 makes them a dangerous foe in my opinion,After all this is a team with much talent but had some injuries they have had trouble overcoming,However they cannot play much worse than they have been in the last half of the season and maybe they got the bad games out of thier system in time for the playoffs,I still do not think the Eagles are as good as people think and when they played a much healthier Giants team in Philly earlier in the season they blew a 24 point lead and lost that game..I think this time around the Giants stay close enough on the scoreboard to not worry about a big comeback and also Jeff Garcia is due for a BAD game much like Romo has been lately after starting out hot -Spells UPSET here -

    NEW YORK JETS @ NEW ENGLAND - Laverneus Coles possibly being out for this game poses a big advantage for a NE secondary that is going to miss Harrison's tenacity and presence,If coles does play the Jets will be tougher to stop in the passing game,Kevin Barlow as the Jets featured back in the past meeting played well against a solid NE Defensive front in the last game and Washington is playing well,It will take a top effort against the Jets O line to stop these RBs from breaking some big runs,Also a good pass rush on Pennington is almost a must if the Patriots don't want to make this game a shootout.
    The Patriots simply have 2 special weapons - Brady and Belichick and they should be able to figure out a gameplan to help both NEs Offense and Defense,Its time to seperate the Men from the Boys - PREDICTION: NEW ENGLAND 20 NEW YORK JETS 10

    DALLAS @ SEATTLE - You simply don't want to face a team who has a legendary playoff coach in Parcells and to which he has probably reemed out every player on the team after that disaster against Detroit,Tony Romo has looked like Staubach at times and a rookie other times so he is almost too unpredictable to guess what he will do this week but nobody in the business other than Belichick can get his team up and gearing for a playoff run like Parcells can - Seattle has been very sluggish in the past 2 months and if you take away any type of positive production of what is really the only 2 parts of thier offense in Alexander and Hasslebeck you can beat the Seahawks quite easily ,The Seahawks seem to not have the intensity or desire as they had last year and I don't think they want to now face a team that was truly embarrassed on TV with that game that was seen by millions by losing to the NFLs worst team -So I think the Parcells factor comes into play,He WILL have his team ready to play - PREDICTION: DALLAS 27 SEATTLE 14
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    Coles may be out? Where did you hear that?
  3. PATRIOT64

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    Sirius NFL radio this afternoon....Coles is questionable for the game
  4. Turd Furguson

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    Pats fans of all people should know that means nothing.

    The only players that are most likely out for the Jets are Dyson, Kevin Barlow and Curtis Martin. I'd expect everyone else to play.

    Turd's picks;

    KC 31 Indy 28

    Phi 27 NYG 20

    NE 35 NYJ 17

    Sea 24 Dal 21
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    #12 Jersey

    I say Indy got a good New yrs gift.. face KC although KC will pound the ball , Dungy outcoaches Herm, which is not difficult to do..

    Indy 42
    KC- 28

    I think Dallas will outscore Seattle which is banged up in the secondary
    Dallas 28 Seattle 20

    Philly will own the Giants 28-7

    As for the Pats, Im scared of the Jets, but not ready to make a prediction just yet..

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