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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. SVN

    SVN Hall of Fame Poster

    I know its another thread on this but the globe article and BB's comments really bought some sort of finality which i thought of expressing and knowing your opinions.
    Obviously as a pats fan its a biased opinion.

    firstly , its not 'spygate' as BB point out.It was done publicly in everyone's view.Sadly its another media buzzword which has taken off and no one wants to correct it.
    secondly, again from BB's comments - How much work does it take in a week to prepare for an opponent.? There is game tapes to break down. Develop a game plan , worry about injuries, practice , have other assignments . In between all that how much does a tape taken by a videographer really affect the gameplan . ?
    Even if that tape is studied and deciphered lets say. How is it used in the game ? Does some guy in the sideline watch the signals, radio it to JMcd and he changes the play call to brady ? Not to mention sometimes defensive signals are sent after the offense shows its alignments ?What about making adjustments to what the other team is doing ? When does all this happen if all we are doing is watch the other guy's signal ? This is professional football.
    Unfortunately not a single person in the media wants to address this and it makes me sad .Especially people like Dr Z,Peter King and ex players who claim to have watched and played football all their life. Unfortnately no one can question their columns or writings so they say what they want.
    Could the pats have avoided the fiasco by checking with the league about the interpretation or stopping it after the 2006 memo? Absolutely. But BB like Mike shanahan does ,pushed the gray area in the rule.
    Right when this videogate broke out lot of people wondered how BB could be so stupid .The fact that he had an argument ready with the rulebook in hand , he knew there was a rule which was exploited.Says something about his memory and meticulous study of the rulebook.
    To sum it up, videogate looks like a whole lot of nothing. It became big because it was BB and it was against a new york team and really screwed us up week in week out hearing about. I wonder how the players took this for 19 weeks and still performed when as fans we got tired and sick and worried of hearing the same things.
  2. kjw

    kjw Rookie

    and ex players who claim to have watched and played football all their life.

    This is one the most aggravating parts of this whole mess. And it's what really helped fuel firestorm for the uninformed public.

    These ex players and coaches in the meadia should've been honest (after all they're demanding that BB be honest) in the first place, and this would've never gone anywhere.
    But instead we saw the phony outrage: "I'm shocked....shocked I say, that this could take place in this sport of such high integrity!"
    Puh-lease. These guys know this stuff is going on! I have no respect for all the ex's that acted this way.
  3. PatriotsReign

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    #18 Jersey

    Despite the media's carefully planned assault beginning SB weekend, spygate remains what it alsways has been...not a big deal.

    Specter does not make this anymore of a big deal than it was previously. As long as Walsh is proven to be a liar, this remains what it always has been. It's not the Patriots fault Goodell destroyed the tapes.

    So until something new is proven, spygate remains a resolved issue and nothing further will or can happen.
  4. upstater1

    upstater1 Pro Bowl Player

    In last night's article, people might have missed the part where Reiss paraphrases Belichick on advance scouting. Belichick implies that advance scouts actually do look at defensive signals, and Belichick is mentioning that obviously because that sort of information helps more in preparing for a game than the videotape stuff. In other words, I do think this stuff is used in games, but Belichick just came out and practically said that he steals signals through advanced scouting.
  5. marcus

    marcus On the Game Day Roster

    somebody like Peter King could have helped to put this to bed.
    You should send him your post and ask him to comment
  6. Patsmaniac

    Patsmaniac Practice Squad Player

    My first and last spygate thread

    An interesting list of some quotes from current and former coaches admitting that they steal signals. We broke a rule by having a guy on the field and paid the price. Until any further evidence of taping walkthru's occurs I am not reading any more on the topic. If we have evidence of wrong doing by other teams, I hope to hell BB and RK agree to bring down the HOUSE, and create problems for all...that is my 2 cents....

  7. upstater1

    upstater1 Pro Bowl Player

    Stop it. Get rid of this thread. :mad:

    Every time I read those quotes I'm just livid that we lost a 1st rounder.

    Our future CB for the next 10 years was taken away from us.
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