My Thoughts on Watching the Game at a Work Holiday Party with no Sound

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Keegs, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. Keegs

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    So i was at my work holiday party. Thank God it was at this really nice sports bar place with a tv in every single booth. so i just watched the pats and didn't talk much. It was obnoxious though b/c everyone there were Bears fans and giving me crap nonstop. it really is annoying.

    Anyways, A few things i noticed from the game:

    - Tom Brady is amazing. 26/28 and the 2 drops could have easily been catches. But overall, the receivers played great.

    - Stallworth showed me a lot. This guy looked like he was pretty much forgotten the last half of the season and he comes out and has a monster game. The Sideline catch was amazing. And my favorite hustle play of the night was his dive for a fist down at the end of the game when they were trying to run out the clock.

    - Rodney is very physical. But i will not criticize him, he doesn't deserve it. Bob Sanders does the same thing, every game, and never gets called for late hits (and he usually leads with his helmet). Also, the Late hit sideline call was absolutely pathetic and looked like a call to let the Jags get some momentum and get back in it. Since when is it illegal to hit someone in-bounds?

    - The Fake direct snap "fake" play to Faulk was awesome. And The Jags really didn't play D that bad on it. Everyone dropped into coverage and looked good expect they didn't see welker. Brady through a perfect ball. Did calling this play show respect for the Jags coaching staff? Did they know that the Jags would be prepared for the Faulk direct snap so they did the "fake" fake? Ballsy call.

    - There were 2 plays BB could have challenged but didn't. The Garrad first TD pass and I can't remember the second. But not challenging them seemed like the best move. It looked like no matter what, what was called on the field would not be overturned b/c there wasn't enough evidence.

    - Moss must have done a great job drawing double coverage. I honestly didn't watch him much at all the whole game... i'm going to rewatch the game this week with sound. But he had some nice blocks on replays.

    - Maroney is awesome and people on here aren't smart for ripping on him when he has absolutely no holes to run through. He was awesome.

    - My most exciting play was the Long pass to Stallworth on the right sideline. You have no idea how many people were cheering "get him" or "kill him" when Brady was in trouble... and from what i saw, it looked like it could have been a bad pass but it wasn't, and Stallworth made a great catch. That was awesome. I've never seen so many pats-haters shut their mouths all at once. All i could do was smile.

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  2. pheenix11

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    Good point on the double fake, it probably doesn't work as well if the Jags aren't expecting the direct snap. That shows how smart BB is, even when you prepare for his trick plays he finds a way to use it against you.

    Good stuff Keegs.
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