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My thoughts on the game

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Oct 6, 2008.

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    My random thoughts on the game .Sorry for the long post.Guys are welcome to chime in

    -At times and this is even before the matt cassel era, pats coaches try to outsmart ourselves , at least that is my opinion. Un predictability is the pats best asset but they overdo it sometimes. Yesterday's first quarter was an example where mcdaniels was trying too many cute things like reverse to moss and welker and all that. The moss bomb apart, there was no identity to the offense. The finally realized the 49ers D isnt the 85 bears and turned to old fashioned line up and run the ball plan and controlled the game. i will surprised if this was the plan going in. Even then they had some brain cramps going 4 wide at the goaline towards the end of the half resulting in 2nd and 10,3rd and 6 and cassel sack. the penalty saved us. 9ers were gassed, not really needed to go 4wide.
    -The moss TD was great. But i also think him being such a tall and sure handed receiver, we should use him more in those 10 yard out catches which he did more than once yesterday. Really easy play . Long balls are cool but really we didnt 'stretch the field' during branch and givens era a lot either.
    -Initially i thought it was dissappointing our D didnt get a sack on o'sullivan but i realized later,that they really wanted him to throw and played nickel
    and dime a lot. Cant really expect too many sacks but still the pressure was good with those packages.
    -Our kicker has been the star of the season.
    -hanson not so much
    -Our o line has really degressed. At times cassel held the ball too long , at times he hardly had time . Lot of people say brady made this o line better.but last yr so many mediots said and correctly so that how long brady was standing back without any pressure. Clearly something is wrong .is it because brady setup the protections better than cassel.iam not qualified to guess. is it neal mssing ? mankins needs to pick it up.
    -We really dared the 9ers to run and they didnt . Typical martz.
    -Felger mentioned a few weeks ago on the jets game how bb knows when to snatch a game in balance. The 4th and 2 call was the best example of that.Nolan wouldnt have gone for it for sure.
    -Cassel was sacked 5 times and ends up in the foetal position as soon as there is little pressure. i have no complaints and i have never complained about him. he is a backup.Brady wasnt sacked as much but people forget to count the number of hits he took through the yrs right in the face when he completed passes.Not many players in the league do that, not even manning. Maybe rothleisberger.
    -Dick einberg needs to retire. Seriously.
    -I hope maroney gets better. guy has a lot of talent .i wouldnt call it dancing but he looks for the cut back like a bronco running back. I also wonder , this being a copycat league-why doesnt anyone copy the indy stretch play ? maroney would be great in that . Maybe someone with technical insight can answer.We shouldnt at least get him the ball in the passing game
    -If a D coordinator was playing the pats ,they should considering doubling welker. Moss can kill you with the long ball but with cassel throwing ,they should take their chances with it. Welker really moves the chains for us.
    -Glad to see gaffeney being used .
    -We need a blocking TE like kyle brady or graham. i bet the pats are trying.nothing has worked so far.
    -Defensively , there are still some communication issues. The first play of the game when the 49er dropped the ball, there wasnt a defender within 20 yards.
    In the end it was an anxious game for the pats. Even BB on the sideliness was clapping and cheering the team when they were driving. I guess even he realizes he doesnt know what team he has yet. The win should help the confidence of the team and formulate who they are.Frankly iam not too hopeful against the chargers next week-their secondary matches our 3-4wr packages favorably . Unless maroney picks up for jordan it will be a tough outing for cassel. I hope to be pleasantly surprised like the pats have done in the past.
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    Excellent thoughts. Requires thought in response but since nobody least of all I thinks much, I'll opine

    The communication issues bother me. Had open SF receivers not dropped several passes, the game would have been much tougher.
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