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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by NEfan32, Feb 4, 2008.

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    Like everyone, I am still in shock, but I am starting to get over it.

    Last night I got 1 hour of sleep and was trying to convince myself that wasn't the SB, no luck there.

    Give all the credit to the Giants. Their front 4 dominated the O-Line and the Pats defense couldn't make the plays when they needed to.

    Now, that being said, I cannot believe the offense would only score 14 points. People might say Brady was off, which was true on many plays, but the O-line sucked. The were getting killed off the edge and couldn't pick up the blitz. The receivers played fine, no dropped balls, but if you give Brady only 1.5 seconds to pass the ball, you're not going to get far.

    The defense played well until the end of the game. The first TD by the Giants was the SAME exact play against them in week 17 with Boss. Play action down the middle.

    The second TD, I thought the defensive playcall was awful. You know they like the fade route to Burress, you need to double him and not put a 5'10 corner on a 6'5 receiver.

    Now, to the the Pats-Could-Have-Put-It-Away plays. Aside from opting to go for a 4th and 13 rather than kick a 50 yarder. Which still makes no sense to me. The Pats had many chances to lock the game up on the last drive by Manning. 3rd and 5, Manning gets grabbed by Green and Seymour, he somehows rolls out and throws it up to Tyree, caught, ball at the 30 or w/e. Manning was not in the grasp, and made a great play, but the ball could have been picked or knocked down by Harrison. Play 2, when Asante had the pick and it bounced away. Then and there I knew we are in trouble. Play 3, when Meriweather and his hands of stone missed an easy pick. And there you have it.

    People can blame Hobbs, and the defense, but my blame goes to BB and the 0-line. I thought BB made some back coaching decisions, aka 4th and 13 and they were not aggressive enough on offense. The 0-Line was getting slaughtered, didn't allow a run game or a passing game.

    Now, even though we did lose the SB, and people are saying this is the greatest upset ever, I disagree. It isn't a great upset because about half the poeple were picking the Giants. Its only an upset if 95% of people think there is no chance in hell. It sucks to live the rest of my life knowing I could have seen a 19-0 team. I wouldn't call this a choke by the Pats either, the Giants played really well. It isn't like the Pats threw 4 int.

    The Pats had the greatest regular season ever, and I still think this was one of the best teams ever. I don't think a dropped pick should categorize them as chokers over a good team. The lose in the SB sucks, but it still does not wipe away what was a great season.

    The losing the SB part hurts, but the worst thing is they were 18-0 and couldn't finish the job.

    I really hope I did not see the last game of Moss, Bruschi, Harrison, Samuel, Seau and so one.

    Like all Pats fans, I am crushed. It sucks, but we were the best team in the league. The Giants played a hell of a game, and they won. 9 times out of 10, I think we win.
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