My post game thoughts on the Jets game loss

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Nov 14, 2008.

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    Here are my quick thoughts
    -ST ,3rd downs and RZ were the name of the game. There were questionable ref calls maybe but thoese even out and we didnt help ourselves.
    -Very un patriot contact. long yards on ST returns. Just completely against the theory 'the patriots dont beat themselves'
    -I really find hard to play the D. there were blown coverages likeon the 3rd and 15 but without warren and thomas favre was going to have all day to throw most of the time . They are really beat up on defense.
    -It maybe blasphemous to say but as of right now we miss our defensive injured players a little more than brady . not that we dont miss him but D can use a little help
    -Dean pees,iam not sure what to make of him. Next week is his biggest test with the miami wildcats.
    -Watson is a good guy but he is as close to a bust in my opinion. just my opinion. his hands never look safe to me catching or holding the ball.
    -I bet ty law will get called more for defensive PI or holding or 5 yard contact penalities down the stretch. Their denver game could be interesting of Shanahan can get his act together.
    -Our o line really stepped up against a decent jets defense which came in leading the league in sacks.

    What is more disappointing to me off more that the jets have legit chance of a first round bye now and could be 1 game away from a AFCCG :mad:. Yes they lost to oakland but that team has grown and put on a 4 game streak.Although i would like to see how they play a decent pass rush.
    Pats have their work cut out.Indy beating pitts and losses to indy and SD and mainly miami hurt now.We are 2-2 in the division with 2 home and 4 road games. jets are 3-1 in dvi with 2 home division games so they are in the drivers seat.and we still have to play pitts and @miami which are by far our toughest games.
    Its time we won more than 2 games in a row.Now.
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