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My Patriot Mock 2012: Amini Silatolu, Andre Branch, Derek Wolfe, WR M Sanu, C Hayward

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by PonyExpress, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. PonyExpress

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    Feb 12, 2006
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    1st Rd
    27. Amini Silatolu G: dominant guard ability, Brian Waters not here for long. Cannon's future may be RT. Volmer is injury prone. Key combine stats: 32 inch vertical jump.
    31. Andre Branch OLB: length, athletic ability give him upside to be young Roosevelt Colvin.
    Played end of season with pulled hamstring, undervalued as a result by late season tape-watchers. Had 8 sacks, 12 TFL through first 7 games of season vs good competition. Junior year had 7 passes defensed. Key combine stats: 4.69 40, 4.27 shuttle, 7.2 3-cone, 6'4''+, 260 lbs, 34" arms.
    2nd rd
    48.Derek Wolfe DT: same program produced Mike Wright, Wolfe better prospect.Key Combine Stats: all of them off the charts. 6'5''+, 11" hands, 34" VJ, 7.2 3-cone.
    62. Sanu wr: Hakeem Nicks style receiver. Pro day showed NFL caliber speed. Key combine stats: 10" hands, 33.5" arms, 6.88 3-cone, 36 inch vertical.
    3rd rd
    93. Casey Hayward cb:
    ballhawk, potential FS conversion like E. Wilson. Key combine stats: 3.95 shuttle, 6.77 3-cone.
    4th rd.
    126. Taylor Thompson TE/DE/OLB:
    freak athlete, versatile. Try him at DE/OLB first, emergency TE. Key combine stats: 6'6'', 260 lbs, 4.5 40, 37" VJ, 11'' hands. Has a Jared Allen style build.
    Malik Jackson, DL.
    take flyer on rangy DL from top tier conference. Key combine stats: 6'6'', 285, 4.85 40, 4.42 shuttle, 7.4 3-cone.
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