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My Own Welker Tribute

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by FrontSeven, Jan 27, 2008.

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    All I want to say is that I formed my opinion of Wes Welker the first two times the Patriots played him. In the first game, my first opinion after he tooled us on a punt return was, "What, that little shrimp beat us? Hahaha, wait until he tries that again, we'll crush his ass."

    Then he did it again and I got a lump in my throat. The light went on.

    In the second game he destroyed us out of the slot, and I began to form the opinion that he's the toughest, most dangerous slot receiver in the NFL. I don't give a crap if he's white, short, married, gay, give me whatever name you want to call the guy but he'll beat your ass more often than not.

    This is why Wes caught 112 balls, moved the chains a few dozen times this year, and consitently produces nasty block-downs on guys twice his size.

    So I'm no homer about Wes Welker. The facts speak for themselves. I have feared Wes Welker when he was on the other side of the ball. To me he is as close to Super Man as anybody in the league. And I don't mean pound-for-pound. Forget that poundage crap. If he pancaked a fat guy next Sunday I would not be totally surprised because he's a blocking machine and he is willing, nay eager, to do that job. Wes has the attitude.

    I don't know if the NFL has an adequate answer to Wes Welker. I think he's one of those rare guys that responds to any type of defense. If you throw a bump-style, or double coverage style at Wes, he'll respond and find a way to eventually beat you. Maybe he's a modern day Fred Belitnikoff? You look at him and wonder how the hell he just did what he did. How the hell does he get open? How does he get low, stutter-step, and turn it into another ten yards? He's like a magician with the ball in his hands. Between the quickness of his stutter-step and the low center of gravity he must be the hardest target to tackle in the NFL.

    I just don't think any other team in the NFL can match Wes Welker. I think the best they can do is double up on him and hope to hell there's somebody to double up on Randy. But this drawing of the extra man is exactly what I'm saying about Wes: He deserves it or the Pats are going to walk up and down the field on his shoulders.

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