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    I just bought me an Ebook reader. Its like a PDA only with a bigger screen. Its limited to text-type files though; but that's fine for my purposes. I've come across thousands of free books on line over the years from places like here and some less ethical sites too:cool: Anyway I thought carefully about which book I would read first and finally settled on Slander, by Harry's gal pal Ann Coulter. I picked it because I wanna be as fair as possible in my criticism of the other side. You can't really know your enemy if you don't have some first hand knowledge of them. You can't even really call them an enemy in fact. In the past I've read stuff by O'Reilly, Limbaugh and a few others of a similar persuasion; but I've always been uncomfortable about having something of theirs, something dirty so to speak, in my home. The fact that this is just a digital representation of Ann Coulter's psyche, rather than a hard copy of it, ameliorated much of my concern. The excellent;) price I paid helped too.

    Anyway I thought I might share some of my findings about this book as I come to them starting with Miss Coulter's feelings on speaking negatively about the appearance of women in the public eye:

    I'd give a page reference here, but that gets all screwed up when you swap file formats. Its roughly 8% of the way through the book.

    Now my questions to you folks are 1) Do you recognize the GIAGANTIC hypocrisy of that statement? and 2) is that hypocrisy and the fact that the book is topical and now badly out of date enough that I should learn how to get this file off of my cool new toy before reading another word?

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