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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Armen Da Pats Fan, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. Armen Da Pats Fan

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    As much as we all loved the Super Bowl run, I think most of us realistic Pats fans knew we were far from an ideal team and needed help on both sides of the ball, especially with a defense that ranked near last in the league for most of the season.

    So, my off-season wishlist was to get help in the secondary (CB, S), d-line/pass rush, wideout and running back, and re-sign key players Wes Welker (to a long-term deal), Mark Anderson & Andre Carter.

    So far, the Pats have brought in Fanene & Scott (DL), Gregory (S), Lloyd & Gonzalez (WR), and franchised Welker @ $9.8mil per season.

    And with 2 pics each in rounds 1 & 2 of the draft, I am getting pretty excited about 2012 already!

    Here is my remaining wishlist:

    One more really decent CB either in the draft or A, or if one of the kids rom the past couple of drafts can step up (Ras-I, perhaps?), and then get ourselves a good, every-down power running back, plus re-sign Welker to a long-term deal, and sign Carter & Anderson, I am going to be feeling pretty good about extending the run of winning season to 12 and counting!

    (For those of us who were Pats fans back in the 70's, 80's & 90's, did you ever think you'd hear THAT statement? "extending the run of winning season to 12 and counting"! We are blessed to be living in good times, Pats fans!)
  2. stcjones

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    I was watching a special on NFL network regarding the worst calls in NFL history which had the Sugar Bear Hamilton so called roughing the passer against Stabler and alot of the analysts were talking about how good that Pats team was and IF they had won that game it could have sent them on a "run" of SB wins.....and because of that call....they floundered for the next many years. Anyways, I have been a fan since early 70's....If you had told me back then that someday this team would win 3 SB in 4 years....Been in 5 SB in just over a decade.....won HOW MANY AFC EAST Championships and AFC Titles....and Yes.....12 winning seasons in a row.....I would have thought you were insane or drunk....good post Armen

  3. JMC00

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    In the third round if Nick Toon, Brian Quick or Tommy Streeter are sitting there, maybe they take one. A big receiver that can run routes as well as go up and get the ball in traffic.

    As for RB if someone like Chris Polk, Isiah Pead, Vick Ballard or Doug Martin are sitting there when the Patriots come up in the 4th round, I hope they take one of them

    It is reported also that Daniel Fells will visit the Patriots Monday. Guy just averages a first down every time he catches the ball
    88 Rec, 1001 Yards (11.4 average). Averaged 12.1 per catch with Tebow, but for the season in Denver averaged 13.5.

    He could flourish in this system

    Imagine something like this next year

    WR: Welker, Lloyd, Streeter *, Branch or Ocho, Gonzalez
    TE: Gronk, Hernandez, Fells
    RB: Ridley, Woodhead, Vereen, Polk

    *6'5 and can go over the middle as well as run go routes and go up and get the ball
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  4. patfanken

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    I'm starting to warm to Streeter, but here is an outside the box scenario.

    At 31 the Pats take Fleener as the 3rd TE - We were very lucky that we got all the way to the superbowl and Gronk/Hernandez missed only 2 games. Fleener is a bigger, though slightly less shifty, but better blocking version of Hernandez. In fact he's the perfect tweener between them,. Draft him instead of the WR. Go with the WRs we have on the roster for this season. It also recognizes the fact that when it comes time to resign Gronk/Hernandez, its doubtful we can keep both. Fleener COULD be the best value at 31, instead of project DE/OLB type who can be duplicated at 48

    Besides, you know how BB "loves him his TE's." :D
  5. kurtinelson

    kurtinelson In the Starting Line-Up

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    I'd have no problem if the Pats took Fleener at 31.
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