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    Hey everyone! I wanted to promote my band "Otto". Otto is an indie rock/acoustic duo based out of New Hampshire. We write our own music and we're trying to get it out there. At a later time we will add a rhythm section to our band.

    We have several original tracks and are starting to do several Mash-up covers and some regular covers. We don't have much of our material up on youtube yet because we don't own our own film equipment but we do have some original songs and one mashup uploaded to our channel at this time.

    OttoAndMusic's Channel - YouTube

    I don't know how many of you are familiar with the songs "Pumped up kicks" or "Young folks", but we have a mashup of the two on Youtube. I would love you guys if you could post on our channel/videos with some feedback as well as on here! :)

    If you like what you see then like our videos or subscribe. GO PATS!

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