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    Tell me what you think:

    2010 NFL Mock Draft

    1) St Louis Rams - QB - Sam Bradford - Without a QB the Rams odds and popularity are as close to zero as can be. Maybe not the smartest or safest pick, but Bradford will be the pick.

    2) Detroit Lions - T - Russell Okung - The Lions need to protect the franchise first and foremost (Stafford) and help out a struggling running game.

    3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DT - Gerald McCoy - Tough to pass on Suh but McCoy is a better fit in the Bucs one-gapping system.

    4) Washington Redskins - DT - Ndamukong Suh - As far as Suh can fall. I think the Redskins were targeting Okung and its too high for Clausen, so they will almost certainly trade down. Lots of teams should have interest in Suh here. If not, Suh / Haynesworth is too good to pass up.

    5) Kansas City Chiefs - T - Brian Bulaga - Matt Cassel got killed last year. Bulaga has the personality and skill set Pioli is looking for.

    6) Seattle Seahawks - WR - Dez Bryant - Might be a bit high, but there aren't any other Tackles or DEs worth it here. The Seahawks showed they could handle a diva when they flirted with Brandon Marshall.

    7) Cleveland Browns - S - Eric Berry - The Browns will gladly add the very talented Berry to their talent-needy secondary.

    8) Oakland Raiders - T - Bruce Campbell - Tom Cable will make sure the Raiders address the O-line with their #1 pick, and we all know who Al Davis will choose then..

    9) Buffalo Bills - QB - Jimmy Clausen - As much as the Bills have other needs hanging over them, they can't pass up a potential franchise QB that will give the fans something to get excited about.

    10) Jacksonville Jaguars - CB - Joe Haden - Slower than expected 40 helps him fall to the Jaguars. He'll help the Jags out with Peyton twice a year.

    11) Denver Broncos - LB - Rolando McClain - Safe, solid pick with lots of upside that also fills a position of need.

    12) Miami Dolphins - S - Earl Thomas - The Dolphins lost the Antrel Rolle bidding war but get maybe even a better player here in Thomas.

    13) San Francisco 49ers - T - Anthony Davis - Best tackle on the board that will fit in well in the 9ers scheme.

    14) Seattle Seahawks - T - Trent Williams - Someone needs to try and fill Walter Jones' shoes.

    15) New York Giants - DE - Derrick Morgan - Desperatley need an MLB, but take the highest rated player on their board. I sense a draft day trade of Osi Umenyora.

    16) Tennessee Titans - DE - Jason Pierre-Paul - The Titans need DL help, and JPP will bring back memories of Jevon Kearse (the young / good one).

    17) San Francisco 49ers - OLB - Carlos Dunlap - San Fran would love to get an even better rush and Singletary should get a lot out of the highly talented Dunlap

    18) Pittsburgh Steelers - G - Mike Iupati - Might be a bit high for a guard, but Iupati could transition to tackle, and the Steelers top need is the OL.

    19) Atlanta Falcons - DE - Brandon Graham - Will help out John Abraham in the pass rush department. Also holds up well against the run.

    20) Houston Texans - RB - CJ Spiller - The Texans finally get their every down back. Spiller is a special player and the Texans would be wetting their pants if he fell to them.

    21) Cincinnati Bengals - TE - Jermaine Gresham - Instantly becomes the best TE on the Bengals roster. Upgrades both he passing game and running game.

    22) New England Patriots - DE - Jared Odrick - A solid 5-technique who will split time with Mike Wright as a rookie and eventually take over the RDE job. Good rush and run stuff skills.

    23) Green Bay Packers - CB - Patrick Robinson - The Packers really would like a tackle here but the ones they liked are gone. Their current CB's are getting old, and Robinson fits their mould (rhymes too). Would start off as Nickel and eventually take over for Harris.

    24) Philadelphia Eagles - S - Taylor Mays - Hard hitter who would could potentially take over Brian Dawkins old role.

    25) Baltimore Ravens - CB - Kareem Jackson - With Boldin in the mix the Ravens can look to their D, and CB is the biggest need. Kareem Jackson would take some time to develop, but would fit in nicely.

    26) Arizona Cardinals - DT - Dan Williams - The cardinals could go a few different ways here, but Williams is a solid pick to help strengthen the DL.

    27) Dallas Cowboys - DT - Brian Price - The Cowboys are pretty set all over their roster and can take the best player on their board.

    28) San Diego Chargers - DT - Terrance Cody - Will take Jamal Williams spot and keep their LBs clean.

    29) New York Jets - OLB - Sergio Kindle - A solid 3-4 Pass rushing OLB will help sooth Rex's appetite. Could also look at WR's Thomas or Tate here.

    30) Minnesota Vikings - CB - Devin McCourty - Like the Cowboys, the Vikings are pretty set across their roster, but their DBs are banged up. McCourty will give a soldi contribution as a nickel as a rookie and eventually start.

    31) Indianapolis Colts - G/C - Maurkice Pouncey - Polian dissed the Colts OL after the Super Bowl and now is the time to address it. Pouncey would probably start off as guard then take over for Saturday when he hangs up the cleats.

    32) New Orleans Saints - OLB - Sean Weatherspoon - Very solid, vocal player who will fit in well in the Saints system. Offsets the loss of Fujita.
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