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My Free Agency Wish List

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by mgteich, Jan 21, 2006.

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    Belichick has often taken the postion that the team should be ready to win without contributions from rookies. In the past, he has filled key holes evenbfore the draft. Of course, there are always the occasional surprise free agent after the draft, as well as the additional of a few veterans at minimum after the draft. So I will defer hoping for particular players in the draft, or even particular positions. Personally, I will hope that the holes will be filled in free agency before the draft, or even with a trade for a player before the draft.
    1. Backup QB - I think Huard would be ideal
    2. Backup RB/FB - I can always hope for a blocking fullback
    (even for a few reps per game, plus special teams)
    3. #2 receiver - This could be Givens (or Moulds)
    4. #3 receiver - could be Davis
    5. #4 receiver and returner - could be Dwight (or Randel El)
    6. #5 receiver - to compete with Childress, Sam, Brown, and Bethel
    7. Starting G - Neal or replacement
    8. #3 TE - Fauria or replacement
    9. Backup NT - nuff said
    10. shutdown corner - dare we hope; we should at least bring in 3-4 veterans, including another try for Chad Scott and Poteat.
    11. safety - perhaps only I think we need to always have a veteran safety avilable, who is a solid STer. Of course, staff may think Hawkins is enough.
    12. kicker - $3M for Vinatieri? more likely is a 3-year contract
    13. punt returner
    14. kick returner

    Any unmet need could be met in the draft or in free agency after the draft. BTW, while I see a real need for DE and DE/LB help, I consider this a draft priority rather than a free agent need.

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