My final Pats mock draft.

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    I think I slated these guys fairly accurately (I used USA today's sortable database as draft position reference) but who knows:

    1. DeAngelo Williams. RB. Will step in immediately and contribute to helping this team win ball games for the upcoming season. Also provides badly needed insurance should the aging Dillon not be able to hold up to the wear and tear that his body has been subjected too this late in his career.

    2. Greg Jennings. WR. The most polished WR in this draft and a guy who, like Williams, should be able to step right up to the plate and contribute as a starter.

    3a. Mark Anderson. OLB. If we are going to risk a DE to OLB conversion project I’d prefer to see it happen in the 3rd and not the 1st and I’d prefer it be done with a DE who actually has played OLB before.

    3b. Babatunde Oshinowa. NG. Here’s my mini Vince. This kid is smart and tough and actually has extensive experience playing NG in a 3-4. I think he’ll contribute right away in spot duty.

    4a. Roman Harper. Safety. Has started at both safety spots. Has been a very consistant and productive player.

    4b. Will Blackmon. WR/CB/KR. Local kid who I really love. Can do it all and does so well. I actually like him as a CB most but he can catch and he’s also a very good punt and kickoff returner. So he could contribute early and he’ll touch the ball often.

    5 Ryan Cook. OC. Versatile OL who I think is tailor made for Dante and the Pats OL.

    6a. Tim McGarigle. ILB. Tough, leader who can knock the socks off people inside.

    6b. Anthony Schelgel. ILB. Tough, leader who can knock the socks off people inside.

    6c. PK

    7. Flip a coin.

    P.S. I also am assuming that the Pats sign Ty Law.
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    We're along the same wavelength on most. However, DeAngelo has horrible hands. That can be worked on with some sessions on the Juggs machine, but ....................

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