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Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by PatsFanInVa, Jul 4, 2008.

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    Just another "kumbaya" thread maybe, about what the 4th and America mean to me.

    In the US, we've got a pretty quirky, but pretty useful, political/social system passed down to us.

    It was made up by guys with real faults, and guys with real genius. They were obsessed with making government work, to the extent that government was necessary. They were obsessed with freedom from tyranny, whether from foreign oppressors or domestic tyrants.

    They discussed issues much as we do, emphasized points of view, and got plenty heated on plenty of occasions... and bequethed us the best they could.

    Their best turned out to be very good, in my humble opinion. They gave us a tremendous amount of freedom, and the ability to broaden that freedom through the actions of future generations. They also gave us the ability to constrain freedoms, something we as Americans are famously suspicious of. And so the heated debates rage on.

    We've got a baby and we've got bathwater in our debates, and I see far too many of us far too often taking the "baby" for granted because we want to get rid of the bathwater.

    The "baby", to me, is that guiding light of liberty the founding fathers gave us. I see us all, here, striving toward it. When we differ I naturally see my insight as better than my opponent's, and he thinks the same thing. But I am amazed, whether I see it on the left or the right, at the idea that "America is so over," or whatever, just because one issue isn't going the poster's way, or just because some 1950s snapshot is further fading, as the country inevitably changes on the surface.

    This country is anything but over.

    Put your favorite founding fathers in the middle of a modern city, and ask them to evaluate modern America after a year... I would suspect they would say things like "Well - this is not our time. We can't evaluate it as well as you..." But with all that is new and different, I would say they would say "There is a lot here we feared. There is some here we hoped for.... but above all, there is one thing we recognize as perfectly in line with what we fought for so long and so fiercely -- your spirit to dissent and to debate... (now what does this "send" button do...?)"

    So one more kumbaya thread, to all you drunk slope-browed bickering turds... we're all in the same boat :) And a fine boat it is, in many, many ways.

    And if you can't get behind that... well, that's your right ;)

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    I'm down with that. Well Said.
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    God, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and Harry BLESS YOU, Happy 4

    I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandy And I'm A Real Live Nephew Of My Uncle Sam

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    Well said PFIV...I often wonder what the different Founders would think of their experiment today.

    The Fourth is my "Christmas". This year is very tough as my little one had surgery yesterday and we're split up (geographically) as a family for the first time ever. I didn't even put up bunting on the house. :( The girl's doing well and it is going to be a good thing in the long run, but I am definitely missing the festivities. Shut in but diggin the History Channel today.

    Happy birthday, USA!
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    Well said PFiVA! Thank you for taking the time to share that. Some may call it corny or others "just another line of BS from a liberal"...but I think if we're all honest, then we must agree with you.

    Who wouldn't and doesn't want to keep that 1950's image of America's age of innocence? Well, actually, there are many who would say that was the worst of times in America. We have actually greatly improved as a nation since the 1950's. Yes, today's America puts 1950's America to shame.

    Why? Because our constitution was written as a "living document" designed to change with times and improve as we advance as a society. Maybe it doesn't "feel" like improvement all time, but that is probably because most of us don't like change.

    After all, I never, EVER wanted to learn to use a computer. Hell, I didn't need that thing.

    What I love most about the Constitution that resulted from our Declaration of Independence is that it encourages change. I also believe that is why it will survive as long as we cherish freedom. And that is what this day is all about. It is not a time to be sad or to is a day to celebrate freedom. Today is not the day we honor past presidents, our armed forces or the end of a world war...we have other important holidays to do that. The 4th of July is to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the birth of a freedom unlike any other.
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    That history channel series on the Revolution is awesome. I wateched like 8 eposides in a row last year and caught some today.

    The 4th reminds me of how fragile democracy it is and how difficult it is to get established especially since we are seeing living testimonial in zimbabwee, myanmar, darfur and in the end how difficult is to revolt and gain independence.

    I see democracy as a pendulum and desppite the bickering between parties it forces us to look at ways at improving and monitoring ourselves so that we don't swing to far one way vs another.

    What they did back then was truly amazing and when so many things didn't go their way threatening to collapse the rebellion the Founding Fathers and that generation found a way to make it happen.

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