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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by BelichickFan, Jan 24, 2006.

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    #12 Jersey

    We have :


    Before FA, but assuming Givens leaves this is how I'd use them. Of course this is totally invalid as what players are there is a big factor. But here goes.

    QB : Brady's durable, Cassel has looked good, I move Cassel up to #2 and draft a QB with the #6 or #7 pick.

    RB : We're stuck with what we have. I'd use a #5 on a RB for the future (as soon as 2007) and hope to get lucky.

    WR : #1 pick, baby. I want another quickie like Branch to combine with our 2 TE offense.

    TE : I use a #3 here. Fauria is a FA, Graham is a FA next year and both Graham and Watson have trouble staying healthy.

    OL : I'll just take a developmental guy in the 4th round.

    DL : I'm using the other #3 pick here. We need depth and upside if Seymour leaves.

    DB : I'll take a CB in the 4th round and a Safety in the second round. I think Hobbs, Samuel, Gay will be OK. We can sign some depth and hope to actually stay healthy this year.

    So I've drafted :

    Round 1 : WR
    Round 2 : S
    Round 3 : DL, TE
    Round 4 : CB, OL
    Round 5 : RB
    Round 6 : QB
    Round 7 : whatever.
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    I understand the need to draft a WR, but I don't think THIS draft class is the one to do so in the first round. The draft class isn't that strong there. Also, given the unusual skill-set the Patriots look for, we don't NEED to land a guy with an amazing 40-time or major size. We look for different strengths that happen to be less universally valued by other teams.

    All of those issues considered, I think it's more likely - and more wise - that we look to draft a WR in the 2nd or 3rd.
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