My breakdown of last night's game

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by patsfan-1982, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. patsfan-1982

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    i know it's only preseason so i will try not to get to high with the good or to low with the bad.

    QB Tom Brady looked good him and moss, should have a big year but... he did not even look at he's TE's in the passing game
    Brian Hoyer looked great he is a very good backup QB and IMO could start on a few teams
    Zac Robinson will not make this team he has no feel for the game at all the pats only need two QB's

    RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis started the game but 3 yards per att will not get it done in the NFL
    Laurence Maroney and Fred Taylor will get most of the att when the season starts

    WR Randy Moss looked good and redy to put up big numbers this year
    Brandon Tate had a nice catch and should have a bigger part in the offense
    Julian Edelman looked great he is the #3 WR in back of Welker, and Moss,

    TE Rob Gronkowski and Alge Crumpler are the blocking TE's that the past have not had since Graham, left as a FA
    Aaron Hernandez looks like he is going to take Watson spot as the receiving TE but like Watson, may only get 2 or 3 balls thrown he's way per game

    OL Dan Connolly did a nice job and the OL as a whole was pretty good but it is preseason and they did not realy try to overload blitz on Connolly side.

    DL Gerard Warren i was not high on him when the pats signed him but he looked good and maybe the run stoper the pats were missing last year at RDE
    Mike Wright is a nice 3rd down pass rusher but he is plan bad vs the run... LDE should be much better when Ty Warren is back
    Vince Wilfork looked good
    Myron Pryor is not a NT he was geting pushed off the ball to much he is better off in the Mike Wright, type roll 3rd down pass rusher/spot starter at DE

    ILB Brandon Spikes i keep telling my self it's only preseason don't get to high but WOW did he look great... he was takeing on blocks stoping the run calling plays and he had 8 tackels will only playing a lil more then half a game
    Jerod Mayo looked better vs the pass and very fast im looking for a big year from him
    Tyrone McKenzie looked ok and should make the team but he is the #4 ILB in back of Mayo, Spikes, and Guyton,

    OLB Marques Murrell started and showed some nice pass rush but... he did not set the edge in the run game he got burned bad on a screen pass and he can't cover in space... not good if you wanna play LB for BB
    Tully Banta-Cain did not do anything great but he also did not do anything bad so thats a good thing
    Rob Ninkovich and Pierre Woods it is what it is they are noting more then backups
    Jermaine Cunningham i did not see him i guess he did not play ?

    CB Darius Butler other then one holding call he did a good job
    Devin McCourty looked good in coverage and could be a realy good nickel back for the pats this year
    Jonathan Wilhite had a nice pass brake up on a deep ball but... it was more of the same with him
    Terrence Wheatley is the biggest 2th round bust of the BB era i can't see him makeing the team

    S Patrick Chung looked good vs the run and the pass
    Brandon Meriweather did he's job noting great but we alredy know that he is a all pro FS

    ST Zoltan Mesko maybe the best punter the pats have had in a long time
    Stephen Gostkowski kicked the game winning FG
    Julian Edelman had some nice punt returns
    Devin McCourty is the kick returner the pats were missing last year

    over all as a team they looked great on offense they mixed in the run with the pass and moved the ball up the field... the run blocking was not great but they got it done when they need it to in the red zone but... this is a pass offense Moss, Welker, and Edelman, will have 70% of the rec and all the other receivers will be fighting for scraps

    on defense they started off great attacking drew brees, with the blitz but when they went back to the bend but don't break defense brees, had he's way. the pats have a young fast defense that dose not know how to be Patient and let the play come to them they want to attack and IMO if the pats want to take advantage of the player they have they need to play a much more attacking style defense.

    on ST other then giveing up a TD on a KR they played great. bottom line it was a nice preseason win and they came out of it with no injuris
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  2. DarrylS

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    Re: my brakedown of last nights game

    It was obvious that the Pats wanted to punch the ball in while in the Red Zone.. that is somewhat unexpected...

    Read somewhere, Reiss I believe, that the Pats Blitzed something like 44% of the time.. there goes that vanilla argument..

    McCourty is a heavy hitter for a little guy...

    Spikes is going to be very good.. where was Jermaine Cunningham??

    Mesko is the man and will become a legend.

    Enjoyed the game more than I thought I would...
  3. Calciumee

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    #3 Jersey

    Re: my brakedown of last nights game

  4. PatsBoy12

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    Re: my brakedown of last nights game

    Jermaine was inactive.
  5. MoLewisrocks

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    Re: my brakedown of last nights game

    I sure hope we have still that rule this season about merging everyone's deep postgame analysis and observations and punctuation-less "brakedowns" into one simplified mega thread that is easier to avoid...I mean contain.
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