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    My opinion of today's game may not be liked by the Homies here (A.K.A. The team can do no wrong gang) but here is what I take on this team at this time and after this game....​
    1) This team is not an elite one at this time,a good team,but losing to the Jets at home borders up now on danger of being considered Mediocre if another possible loss occurs at GB (who is playing decent lately and Farve looking like the ol' reliable Farve) it could happen next week, a loss is not likely but more possible than I thought a few weeks ago.​
    2) Lets give up on the 'Offense is gonna gel as the playoffs near talk' - This offense is good on running (against weak fronts that is) and mediocre in passing,Its gonna take at least the rest of this season and into training camp with these receivers for it to 'gel' - I don't forsee any miraculous change as there has been little to say if it does get better,its gonna last week to week for the remainder of the season-its too inconsistent with no signs of it getting to a point where it will stay good week after week...In a year from now it may be where we want them to be,especially if we pick up a top receiver in next years draft to add on,but what you see on the field in the passing game is what you got...A mediocre passing game which does have some good days but more fair/so so days,lets hope downright lousy days like today on offense are less of the usual as we continue into the season,but if you are expecting something resembling the offense of the Colts,or Rams of 2001 or the Chargers of the 80s ect: to happen by the end of the year,you better go back to bed and continue those 'homie daydreams' while it lasts,when you wake up reality sets in.​
    3) The offense of these Patriots in 2006 are fine when ahead on the scoreboard,but not once has this offense been able to overcome deficits on the score when down in the second half..Not once this year have we made a comeback to win when down late in the 3rd or 4th...If you count the first game vs. buffalo,It was not an offensive score that won that game,it was a safety-The defense won it...So blame it on Brady,McDaniels,BB,the receivers ect:- Bottom line is its not getting done.​
    4) Where is the heart of this team lately?..Definately nothing like the 2001,2003,2004,even the 2005 patriot squad had more heart with injuries and all included ..How do you explain that this team which does have enough talent to win,blows a must win game at home against Indianapolis which would have near guaranteed a bye in the playoffs and worse yet, throw another stinker against a weaker division opponent the following week,again at home with the AFC east division clincher for the taking...If we have heart we better find a doctor to operate and get it beating again before it stops beating totally, To beat the Patriots in 2006 it seems the recipe is to start quick,stay ahead and never let the Pats control the game or take the lead EVER after the half,so far for opponents who have done so it has worked for them with wins against us,for those who fell behind have lost to us.​
    5) I think the game plan today was decent,I think there was a nice mix of run and pass but the execution stunk to high heaven and Brady was horrible..for the second straight game..If this happens again next week,we might want to get the camera a bit closer to Brady to make sure Tony Eason or Mark Wilson are not actually still playing,Because this is not the Brady we know and I don't care what the receivers are doing,he is not throwing it to anyone consistently or accurately at times during important times of the game when we need the old Brady to shine,Remember he did it in 2001 with guys like WR Patten and TE Wiggins,so this WR group is not so much worse and back in 2001 when Tom was fresh off the bench he was not that familiar with those guys either,but they 'gelled' quickly and don't see why it is not happening now except for problems that we don't understand as fans but I am sure lies deeper within the organization than we think.​
    I still have hopes for this team but now the AFC east title is now only NOT a definate assumption anymore for us,but its possible we can actually lose it to the jets - that is unbelievable and I am a bit worried as we should all be - I think we will still make the playoffs and win the division but we may be a one and done team in the playoffs..Unless we produce amazing numbers of turnovers because I don't see us staying with a team like San Diego or Denver or Indianapolis without not only lots of turnovers but we have to score at least 24 to beat any of them..they score points big every week (Denver does not need lots of points to beat us) and I don't see them slowing down on scoring drives when the do or die games come about - Right now Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers are playing amazing football as QBs for thier clubs and its a shame that Rivers is not considered an MVP candidate because he is sure playing like one and because of those 2 QBs,I think those 2 teams will be the toughest to beat in the playoffs.​
    O.K...Thats my take on what I see at this time for my Patriots... and for you Homies,I am ready for the bashing (Patriot64 gets fists pumped up waiting for initial contact to the face -while shouting 'Come on baby,let's dance!!):)
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    No bashing needed here. I agree with you 100%. I truly feel that this dynasty is dead.......for now. I think that after the Minnesota game, the Pats started believing the ridiculous hype the team was receiving. The downfall all begins with the coaching and Tom Brady. Brady is starting to give me that Bledsoe feeling nowadays. Everytime he throws the ball I hold my breathe, I have no idea where the ball is going. He has been saved numerous times this year by great one handed catches, so his stats look even better than they should be. This is quite alarming, since Brady practically carried the team on his back last year, and probably should have been the league MVP.

    But since the Denver playoff loss, Brady has not been himself. And to be honest, I don't know if we'll ever see THAT Tom Brady ever again (the pre-playoff loss Brady). I really don't know what the problem is. Forget the receiver change, that's a BS excuse at this point in the season. McNabb over in Philly is going through the same thing, and having his best year ever. If Brady comes back, ala Joe Montana after several non championship seasons to reclaim his greatness, I'd be thrilled, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I'd be shocked if it happens this year. I do still think Brady is the best QB in the league, or at worst 2nd best, but just like the Gillette mystique of never losing at home, Brady seems to be losing that mystique as well. Hopefully he gets it back.

    Coaching, in all 3 losses, Belichick has been outcoached, and by a wide margin. The last 2 losses have been terribly coached games. You are playing the two worst rushing defenses in football, you rush for over 100 yards by halftime in both games, and then you start throwing ? Why we stopped running in both games can only be answered by Belichick. Unbelieveable calls.

    At this point and time, this is not an elite team. Once again injuries have decimated the team (this has to be looked at in the offseason, 4 seasons in a row, obviously something is wrong in either the training method, or our medical personnnel). I don't know if it's the fact that a lot of the players on this team are content with their 3 rings, or if they have lost their respect of/for Belichick, I really don't know, but in both the Denver & Jets game, they showed no emotion or passion, and for that, the coach must accept blame. This is no longer a hungry team.

    For all of those who flame or attack myself or the starter of this thread, your anger only confirms that deep down, you know the truth, this is not a championship calibre team. Our championship teams would never lose 3 home games, let alone 3 out of the first 5. Teams used to fear coming to the Gillette. Now the Razor is dull.

    The good thing is, this team may be set up to win some championships in the future. With players like Maroney and Jackson, these guys can only get better, I feel Gabriel was a steal, and Caldwell is starting to prove himself. Add a young improving line (though they looked terrible the last 2 games), AND 2 first round picks amongst the bevy of picks we have in the 2007 draft, this team isn't that far from being an elite team once again (only IF we add some top notch free agents to the draft picks). We have a bright future, but I'd be shocked if we play in February 2007.
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    GUYS, GUYS, GUYS!!!!
    Breathe, calm down, and consider.
    It's the NFL any given Sunday.
    The weather was terrible, you could see Brady slipping and he went to avoid tackles that he usually gets away from.
    The Jets needed this win to have any chance at playoffs.
    Upsets happen. They are a fact of life. And yes upsets can happen to us.
    We are not out. BB and Brady and co. know what didn't work and what went wrong. It will get corrected.
    We are going to run the table against the rest of our schedule.
    We will make playoffs, the Jets will be luck for a wildcard.
    We will be going deep into the playoffs.
    I will be here to remind you of this in Feb. from Miami.

    till then chill!
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    I am very critical of our team right now but I have to agree with you. It is way to early to write ourselves off. IMO, there are no invincible teams in the NFL this year. Get healthy and peak at the end of the year is all that is needed. We don't need to be as good as past Patriot Superbowl teams. We only need to be good enough to win SB 41.
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