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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by AzPatsFan, Nov 13, 2006.

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    My analysis
    Brady is suffering from problems on the right side of the offensive line,compounded with unfamiliar receivers. Teams like the Colts and Jets are blitzing inside on their left defensive side. They are taking advantage of the injury to Neal; Yates' immaturity, and he is playing next to a rookie RT,whose forte` is not pass blocking.

    By blitzing inside they are preventing Brady from stepping up,as is his want, and/or sliding right to avoid the rush,also a common option.

    All the talk of not running enough is rubbish. They are running enough to rack up 140 + yards a game on the ground. But they cannot sustain 12 and 15 play drives just rushing. No one can. Every once in a while it calls for a pass and in critical plays the offensive right side blitz is happening. They don't always get to Brady, but they do rush his throws.

    As for the criticism of the OC, NEM has refined that to a fine art and infected several with his enthusiasm, but only very occasionally is it warranted.

    Yesterday with 2nd and a half yard for a FD and 3.5 for a TD, that was a time for up to 7 consecutive line bucks to gain the FD and/or TD. It was not time for a wide run nor an empty backfield pass. Time for Dillon and Evans, or Dillon and Hochstein, not Maroney. Sorry. That is the first and last time I will criticize the play calling.
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    I'm sure we all agree with that. Of course, it may have been Maroney's fault for jumping to the outside, the play started up the middle. As solid as Maroney is, though, Dillon has to get the ball in those situations.

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