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MP3 or PMP Advice needed

Discussion in 'The PatsFans.com Pub' started by JoeSixPat, Jul 13, 2009.

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    Long story short - I need a new mp3 player. My previous was a Creative Zen Xtra - 60 GB - purchased when it was cheaper because the Zen Touch had recently come out. No bells and whistles but it did the job well, until it stopped accepting uploads and couldn't be recognized by any computer.

    Because of that I'm slightly skittish about moving hard drives, though I still want good amount of capacity.

    I primarilly listen to concerts downloaded from Archive.org - so I'm not sure what it has for ID3 tags, but the Zen never had a problem identifying tracks or concert dates/venues. I generally upload the VBR mp3 files though many are available in FLAC. see http://www.archive.org/details/Mr.Blotto for an example of these files if it makes any difference.

    My wife wanted an Ipod Nano - so we have a 8GB nano and I love the flash memory aspect though I still want at LEAST 60 GB of memory. I also like the Ipod's cover art browsing and plan on ripping and uploading my considerable CD collection this time around.

    Music is the primary use but when I stumbled across the Archos 5 - 120 GB plus all the video aspects... ability to hook it up to my stereo and TV and stream music at archive.org and video via internet, hook it up to the TV, use it as a mobile browser and a car video player for the kid - I thought I had found my device - all for $200 (though I know Archos charges more for hardware and programs).

    Then I discovered just how many problems Archos owners were having with the units freezing and worse. Seems like I'd be gambling with $200 and while I'm willing to pay up to $300, I don't want to take a big chance of wasting $200 on a paperweight either.

    So now I'm back to squre one - and have found that there are some flash players with up to 32 GB of memory - that also accept SDHC cards.

    I'm open to any suggestions folks have for me, but am currently intirgued by the possibility of buying a 32 GB flash player, that accepts up to 32 GB SDHC - and hopefully more as bigger cards come out. That might tide me over until an Archos 5 competitor that actually has some quality control has something out on the market for a similiar price.

    Any input folks have would be greatly appreciated. If anyone knows which mp3 players that are good, and accept up to 32 SDHC cards as well, that would give me the ability to double (or hopefully more) the memory as I need it, I'd appreciate any feedback.

    At the end of the day this will primarilly be a music jukebox for my car and at home, though the Archos video features when working properly are pretty cool!
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