Most likely MVP of the NE VS. CINN Game

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  1. PATRIOT64

    PATRIOT64 In the Starting Line-Up

    Guess the MVP of the New England,Cincinnati game - For those of you who can only spell MVP and don't know what it means:) -It means the Most Valuable Player for this game and who made the difference-I think its an interesting topic and to look into the crystal ball and forecast ahead as to who we think will be the difference maker. Personally I gotta go with Special Team Units....I think the Bengals Kicker (forgot his name) makes the difference in this game ...I see him connecting on about 4 or maybe 5 field goals and a game winning one near the end of the game TDs won't come as easy as you think they will in this one - My prediction is Bengals 26 Patriots 24 I hope I am wrong but we all knew sooner or later we were gonna lose 2 in a row-but this will be much of a nailbiter contrary to what people think..I'm expecting that from our boys
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  2. zippo59

    zippo59 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    TJ Whosyourmomma-(I don't really know, I just like saying his name.)
  3. patsacolachick

    patsacolachick Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Championship!! (sorry but it just has to be said after that!)
  4. PaulNEPats

    PaulNEPats Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    If Corey Dillon's not the MVP of this game, then we're in trouble
  5. Ceresco

    Ceresco Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Mr. Tom Brady.
  6. MrClutch

    MrClutch Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I got TJ and Dillon on my fantasy:D

    But I would give up all my fantasy points for a Pats win. Warren for MVP.
  7. rabthepat

    rabthepat 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Corey "The Hammer" Dillon. No if and or buts about it.
  8. edgecy

    edgecy Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Rudi Johnson.
  9. SoonerPatriot

    SoonerPatriot In the Starting Line-Up

    Chad Jackson

  10. DarrylS

    DarrylS Supporter Supporter

    Brady is going to change his body language and then become the MVP of this game.
  11. PatsRI

    PatsRI Supporter Supporter

    Watson - they're missing a starting LB and starting safety. They should be playing up on the line to stop the Pats run. Watson's speed should come into play. Hopefully this opens up the middle of the field alot more.
  12. jeffd

    jeffd On the Game Day Roster

    I've got to go with the obvious. Tom Brady. Cincy's offense is better than our defense and it will be up to Brady to keep up. We have no WR's or TE's ready to take over a game. I love Watson and Chad but they aren't at MVP levels yet. That being said, Watson will have his chance for a huge game.
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  13. Mosi Moose

    Mosi Moose On the Game Day Roster

    Our defensive front 3 (or 4)--they will make Palmer get rid of the ball earlier than he wants to for most of the day--limiting big plays.
  14. JoeSixPat

    JoeSixPat Pro Bowl Player

    Right - the Bengals receivers are tall and talented... 5-10 CBs do ok against average sized WRs but asking them to cover guys 6-3 and 6-4 is expecting a bit much

    The key is keep the ball out of the Bengals hands - the more time our offense has the ball the less time their offens has the ball.
  15. Brownfan80

    Brownfan80 In the Starting Line-Up

    Carson Palmer. If we gave good to great passer ratings to Losman, Pennington, and Plummer, then I shudder to think what Palmer will do.
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  16. marty

    marty In the Starting Line-Up

    Vrabes! He'll be coming on the weak side all day long!!
  17. mongoloido

    mongoloido Rookie

    Depending on the outcome, I'd think the MVP of the game will be either Tom Brady or Chad Johnson. Both are all world talents, and neither has had a great game yet this season. I just don't think guys like that can be kept away from huge performances for too many weeks. At least one of them is going to break through on Sunday.
  18. Franchise12

    Franchise12 On the Game Day Roster

    Kevin Faulk, he'll get big yards off of screens and brady will look to faulk in the screen game to combat the bengals blitz.

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