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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by Julius, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Julius

    Julius Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Who was the player or players that you were most excited about when they were drafted that failed to live up to your expectations.

    The first one I can remember was NT Mike Ruth. He was drafted out of Boston College in the mid eightees. Ruth was supposed to be so strong and I could not wait to see him play. My memories of him playing consisted of him going againts Dwight Stephenson the all world center for the Dolphins. I remember watching him and wondering why he spent the whole play dancing with Stephenson. He didn't push him back it looked like he was waltzing. Turns out Ruth was strong but had short arms and couldn't seem to dis-engaged with the OL. I still remember him trying to cover kickoffs he would run down field full tilt like a 280 pound missile and usually miss the guy with the ball.
  2. j00fek

    j00fek Banned

    in this decade...?

    man its hard bethel johnson, chad jackson or maroney
  3. Wretch

    Wretch On the Game Day Roster

    Irving "fair catch" Fryar.......
    Hart(less) Dykes is right there too.

    If you add Bethel and Chad into the mix a pattern begins to develop around Patriot WRs. Hmmmmm

    Maybe it's the Curse of the Stanley Steamer.....
  4. DarrylS

    DarrylS Supporter Supporter

    Agree with the first two, not sure about the latter.. lets see what he can do this year if he is healthy..
  5. BelichickFan

    BelichickFan B.O. = Fugazi Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Has to be Chad Jackson. Not Maroney for me as he's been good when healthy. To a lesser extent Watson but he's FAR and away better than Jackson, obviously.
  6. bakes781

    bakes781 In the Starting Line-Up

    #12 Jersey

    Chad Jackson
    Chris Canty
    Andy Katz
  7. PATS68

    PATS68 On the Game Day Roster

    #87 Jersey

    I would have add M. Hill on the list. He did nothing as a 2nd round pick.
  8. Clonamery

    Clonamery Supporter Supporter

    Kenneth Sims - 1982-1989.
  9. dryheat44

    dryheat44 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #11 Jersey

    Second Canty. And Pete Carroll's expertise was supposed to be DBs.

    I'll throw in Chris Singleton and JR Redmond also.

    Eugene Chung never got me excited in the first place, so he didn't disappoint.
  10. fgssand

    fgssand Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Ahhh yes, Kenneth "game day" Sims........#1 overall choice in the 1982 draft, hated practicing said he was saving it for game day only. I do not think he would have even passed BB's conditioning run.
  11. Wretch

    Wretch On the Game Day Roster

    I forgot Ken Sims....

    I remember the Pats losing to the Colts, I think, to lock up the #1 overall pick to select Sims. The announcers called it the Ken Sims bowl because the loser would have the 1st overall pick.
  12. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    Ken Sims was the first name that came to my mind. I would rank Hart Lee Dykes second. Didn't Dykes catch a beating in a bar, got hurt and was never the same after that?
  13. My2Cents

    My2Cents Practice Squad Player

    #54 Jersey

    Based on production/value versus expectations.

    TE-Dan Graham
    OT-Adrien Klemm
    S-Gus Scott/Dexter Reid
    DT-Dan Klecko
    QB-Rohan Davey
    OT-Kenyatta Jones
    RB-JR Redmond
    LB-Andy Katzenmoyer
    RB-Robert Edwards
    CB-Chris Canty
    WR-Hart Lee Dykes
    RB-Reggie Dupard
    DT-Mike Ruth
    C-Trevor Matich
    QB-Tony Eason
    DE-Kenneth Sims
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  14. mayoclinic

    mayoclinic Supporter Supporter

    Ken Sims overall, but in the Belichick years it's got to be Chad Jackson, no question, because we gave up so much to get him, because he had so much athletic talent, and because he did absolutely nothing for him. Bethel at least produced some as a returner and made a few catches for us. Maroney hasn't lived up to #21 yet, but there's still time and even if he doesn't give us any more he's not in the Chad Jackson class. Marquis Hill didn't produce, but we didn't trade up for him, there wasn't much worth taking ahead of him at #64 at the time, and his career was cut tragically short.
  15. dryheat44

    dryheat44 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #11 Jersey

    Yeah. He was out at a club with Fryar, I believe, and ended up in a fight which left him something like 80% blind in one eye.

    Before Terry Glenn came around, he was probably the best athlete the Patriots ever had. Fantastic specimen that was highly recruited for Football, Basketball, and Baseball in Oklahoma. He may have even been the Oklahoma Player of the Year in all three sports his senior year.
  16. Julius

    Julius Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I was thinking about guys that you really had high hopes for only to be disapointed. Ken Sims is my second choice. Modern era player would have to be Chad Jackson we got nothing from him.
  17. jeffbiologist

    jeffbiologist Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    My guy would have to be Reggie Dupard. How many 1st rd RBs tank the way he did??
  18. Jimke

    Jimke In the Starting Line-Up

    I'm going back to the distant past for my choice. Back in 1964
    Billy Sullivan wanted a local product, Jack Concannon, to get some
    good publicity for his local team. Concannon was a converted
    halfback who played quarterback for Boston College. He was
    noted for his rushing skills as much as his passing.

    Billy set about to get the first pick in the AFL draft by trading both
    veteran starters and draft picks. Unfortunately, he should have
    talked to Concannon first. Concannon signed on with the Eagles
    for twice the money.

    This was my first major disappointment. Jack had a so so NFL career.
    Noteworthy was a 4.7 yards per carry career rushing average.
  19. Mogamedogz

    Mogamedogz In the Starting Line-Up

    #80 Jersey

    Katzenmoyer for me... Man I thought he was gonna be a player at the time. Chris Canty gotta be right up there too.

    Maroney is making his push up the list right now.
  20. WhiZa

    WhiZa Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Based on higher draft picks against performance, I present the all-disappointing draft team:

    RB-Reggie Dupard/Maroney
    TE-Rod Rutledge
    OL-Trevor Matich
    OL-Adrien Klemm
    OL-Kenyatta Jones
    OL-Eugene Chung
    OL-Calvin Stephens
    WR-Hart Lee Dykes
    WR-Chad Jackson
    WR-Bethel Johnson

    DL-Ken Sims
    DL-Mike Ruth
    DL-Ben Thomas
    DL-Phil Olsen
    LB-Andy Katzenmoyer
    LB-Chris Singleton
    LB-Ed Williams
    CB-Chris Canty
    CB-Brock Williams
    S-Gus Scott
    S-Vencie Glenn
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