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Moss to the Packers changing most of the top half of the draft?

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by PATRIOT64, Mar 15, 2007.

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    Moss to the Packers may mean a change in drafting,especially those who are close to the top 10 in the 1st Round.

    After the likely trade of Moss to the Packers for Rodgers and other players included ect:,I think the Raiders will take a gamble on Aaron Rodgers as starting QB and then go on to draft Calvin Johnson to replace Moss at wideout.

    It makes sense,you trade your top WR to the other team to get a QB which the Raiders do need,and then the Packers go and grab a QB in the first round..Possibly Brady Quinn if he is still around (unlikely) or more likely Drew Stanton or Trent Edwards.

    Rodgers may or may not be a quality starting QB so its a chance the Raiders might take,just as unsure as taking Russell.

    If I had a choice to take the first draft pick and the top pick with a QB like Russell who was good in college but is an unknown quality at the pro level vs. a top flight and near sure star in Calvin Johnson,I would take the Rodgers deal and then grab Johnson with the first pick.

    That would probably open the doors for Detroit to take Adrian Peterson to compliment Tatum Bell or take Russell and the browns would then probably grab Joe Thomas or if Russell is there take him instead cause the jury is still out on Frye.

    This could be a difference making decision once Oakland knows what they want to do,may change the whole top order of the first draft...IMO take Rodgers and grab Johnson at #1 instead of deciding to take Russell and hoping a later WR in the draft can fill Moss shoes.

    Russell is a very good NFL prospect but I am not so sure he will be this years Vince Young or a future good QB,Its a chance someone will have to take.
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