Moss jersey at Pats game?

Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by steph32586, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. steph32586

    steph32586 Rookie

    Is it bad if i wear my Moss jersey at the Pats game tomorrow? Its the only one i have and all the stores are closed for new years!
  2. Dufflebagz

    Dufflebagz 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    I personally wouldn't but I have seen many others do it.
  3. Goodie

    Goodie Rookie

    I know this is late and I wouldn't ever wear a jersey of someone that isn't currently on the team but I did see a Miami fan with a Welker jersey at the game a couple of weeks ago. Thought that was pretty ballsy.
  4. Double Barrel

    Double Barrel Rookie

    That's why I advocate customized jerseys. Your name never goes out of style. :D
  5. naF staP

    naF staP Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    #12 Jersey

    good thinking!
  6. Dunnieboy

    Dunnieboy On the Roster

    honestly I hate jerseys with anything but a players name and number on them. I dont think there is anything wrong with wearing a moss jersey ... the guy was a good player for you guys for a year ... if you really despise him ... burn the shirt and get a Brady shirt ... like the rest of the Pats fans.
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