Moss getting frustrated??

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Brady_to_Moss, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. Brady_to_Moss

    Brady_to_Moss Butler Island is here Supporter

    #95 Jersey had an article about people close to moss saying he is getting frustrated about the lack of effort on him gettin a new deal from the pats..JUST SIGN HIM!!!
  2. Disco Volante

    Disco Volante Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #12 Jersey

  3. otis p. driftwood

    otis p. driftwood Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Sounds fishy to me. By fishy I mean something Shefter tossed together to create yet another storyline. I mean...the last line of the story 'Moss and Favre walking hand in hand into the 2008 sunset' (notice that's not a quote, merely the impression I got reading the article) is almost sickening. People have some weird fascination with Favre that I've never understood--and I lived in WI for several years.
  4. Xzibit23

    Xzibit23 On the Game Day Roster

    If the rumors of him being frustrated and that he's decided to look at other teams with reluctance are true..that at least confirms that his INTENT and PREFERENCE is to stay with the Pats, fwiw,
  5. mgteich

    mgteich Veteran Supporter

    I certainly believe that Moss intends and prefers to play for the patriots if we offer more than anyone else. ANything less is called giveing the patriots a "discount" from the market price.

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  6. Triumph

    Triumph Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    Moss wants too much money. F him.

    Giants fans noticed in SBXLII, when NE's offesne would run by watching Moss go through the motions.
  7. bostonia3333

    bostonia3333 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    I like Schefter and he was the one who broke the news at 3AM after Day 1 of the draft that the Pats traded for Moss.

    But I gotta say that story is hilarious. Sources close to Moss say he's getting frustrated? Yeah is there a 1-900 number that Schefter calls to get to Randy's closest friends? Oh yeah why not throw in Moss and Favre in the tundra in 08 while you're at it? I needed a good laugh today and you provided me with one!! Thanks!
  8. BradyFTW!

    BradyFTW! Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    I think the other question, at this point, is when do we start looking at other options at WR? Berrian is close to signing with the Vikings, Porter has already been traded for... at some point the Pats have to make a move to avoid getting Deion Branched again. I was really hoping that Moss would re-sign, and it will be a major hit if he doesn't, but if he's following the money then we've gotta accept that and move on, because the Pats won't be the top bidders.
  9. BradyFTW!

    BradyFTW! Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    By that definition, it was Asante's preference to stay with the Pats too, but that just doesn't matter. These guys know that other teams are going to offer more than the Pats. They either want to win or they want the money; they can't have their cake and eat it too. At this point, it looks like Moss wants the money.
  10. SeauOUCH

    SeauOUCH On the Game Day Roster

    Moss "gave us a discount" last year because he was stuck in Oakland, was viewed throughout the league as a malcontent & washed up. Coming to NE revived his career. Now if he wants to break the bank I say let him pound sand. Sure its great having a playmaker like Moss on the Pats but we're 3-0 in the SB ( under BB ) without Moss & 0-1 with him.

    If signing Moss to a huge deal means we cant sign guys like Wilfork & Mankins in the future I say let him go.

    As the giants proved DEFENSE is what wins championships. Name the last time an offensive juggernaught won the SB. ( the Colts offense was horrid in their SB run, their defense carried them that year )

    If the rumors of the Pats offer of 10mil per year for 3 years are true & he leaves for some crap team like St. Lious then I guess all the "I dont care about money, I just want to win" talk of his was just BS.
  11. upstater1

    upstater1 Pro Bowl Player

    I've heard this before. The Deion Branch situation. He's getting frustrated because the offer isn't at market value. Randy's market value (if you look at the Samuel signing for 9 to 10 per) is likely in the 11-12 mill range. If that's what he's asking for, then no wonder he's getting frustrated. Unless the patriots are offering him below $8 mill, then I don't see why he's complaining. $10 million should be the ceiling for his services, and if the Patriots are offering, say, $8.5, then negotiate at least, split the difference.

    The only way this has reached a standstill is if Randy is up at $12 while the Patriots are at $9.
  12. sebman2112

    sebman2112 In the Starting Line-Up

    If this source is correct, and he wont give them a discount, even if only a slight discount, then he will not be a NE Patriot. They aren't going to be the highest bidder, especially if someone offers him something absurd like a 5-6 year contract that will pay him $12M per over the first few seasons.

    I really like Moss, believe he's the best WR in the NFL, and would very much like for him to remain a NE Patriot, but it almost seems like some people are forgetting the reasons he had to take that prove it deal in 2007, and the fact that he is now 31 years old. The Source talks about Moss taking a discount to play for NE in 2007, but in reality nobody else wanted to trade for him and maintain that $10M per contract. So, he really didn't give them a "discount", over what he would have received elsewhere in 2007. Yes, his salary turned out to be a great discount when compared to the elite level he played at in 2007, but that was also a prove it deal for Randy. And, I'm repeating myself, but there was a reason NE only had to give up a 4th round pick for his services, and the Packers weren't interested (Brett was publicly upset over the FO's lack of interest, even with his suggesting they pull the trigger.)

    Also, I still can't understand how some of these non contenders with average QB's believe they could keep him happy.
  13. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    Frustration builds character if you manage it appropriately.

    I wonder if he's frustrated with our offer or a lack of substantive offers to leverage it with...

    I heard him with my own two ears say he would not break the bank the resign here. Yet he seems intent on probing what would break the bank.

    As long as he remembers, next time he cries for someone to just save him from a mess of his own creation, BB may be busy doing some probing of his own. He didn't give us a discount last year so much as we gave him a chance to rebuild his career. He wasn't going to see $9M from Oakland or anyone. Even the nutjob Jones only gave TO a 3 year $25M+ deal with only $5M guaranteed. He had to behave himself for 3 straight seasons to earn it all. Randy had a little hiccup down the stretch here, and this team and the coaches and the fan base had his back. I think we're even. And just in case he didn't, we skipped franchise tagging him.

    In the NFL only a foolish GM pays a player for what they did last year. You pay a player for what you expect them to do over the course of a contract. I don't expect to see Moss set any new records based on his late in the season performance. If he decides to play for some foolish GM, he certainly won't. He may get more money, but I seem to recall him saying money doesn't make him happy.
  14. dhamz

    dhamz In the Starting Line-Up

    So the 2005 and 2006 seasons without him, are they successes or do they just not count in that equation?

    Outside of Brady, no other player is essential. But let's stop pretending that the loss of Moss wouldn't be anything other than a major factor on this team in 2008. If he is back, the Pats only need to worry about fixing the holes on defense to compliment a likely to be dominant offense. If he isn't, the offense is significantly weaker than it was in 2007 and they need to fix that as well.
  15. Green Bay

    The "dissed" him last year and they now consider him a Boy Scout?

    Favre's last season. Sign a "now or never" contract?

    Green Bay has great young talent at wide receiver. Does Moss provide "leadership"?

    I thought Donald Driver was the "#1 ". He get fired?
  16. SeauOUCH

    SeauOUCH On the Game Day Roster

    We won just as many super bowls in '05 & '06 as we won this year last time I checked.
  17. ALP

    ALP Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    anybody can say moss is willing to listen to other teams offers....

    ill start getting worried ONLY AFTER he visits another team
  18. BPF

    BPF In the Starting Line-Up

    The dream scenario Schefter writes about will never happen because if you have followed Green Bay GM Ted Thompson's approach to FA you would know he does not get involved in signing big time FA's, especially WR's. This is a pipe dream.

    Now, on the Dallas rumor here is what, someone in the organization was quoted as saying "there's no way." moss

    These are all rumors because all is quiet on the Moss front. Let's just wait and see what happens and in the meantime everyone just needs to relax.
  19. dhamz

    dhamz In the Starting Line-Up

    The "who needs Randy Moss in 2008, we won the Super Bowl in 2001, 2003, and 2004!" argument for it being no big deal if he walks is weak.

    The most recent evidence is they are a better team (2007) than they were without him (2006) and he would leave a huge void that will be difficult to fill in 2008.
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  20. Sean Pa Patriot

    Sean Pa Patriot Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    #12 Jersey

    I reserve comment till all the facts are in, for now Im just going Bill and Scott I trust...

    If they lose Moss though, you thought the whole spygate was rough on belichick, the media will have lots to play with all offseason..
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