Mort: Super Bowl atmosphere not conducive to walk-through

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, May 19, 2008.

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  1. SVN

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  2. blackglass3

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    Re: Mort:Super Bowl atmosphere not conducive to walk-through

    Funny, I saw him on TV all day Super Bowl Sunday, and NOT ONCE did he bring up these points. And it's not like these are new ground breaking opinions...we all thought of these exact same things that day.

    This is just ESPN trying to get back into Foxboro's good graces by going "fair and balanced".

    "Yes, Mr. Belichick, most of the people on our staff have been tearing you and your accomplishments to shreds since the employee who was fired by you and Scott Pioli kind of, sort of, ok actually didn't say he had a walk through tape. And yes, the day the former employee talked to Mr. Goodell we had two of our three most bias broadcasters (Steve Young was busy writing 'I am just as good as Joe Montana' 1000 times in his diary, he does it every day) go on live TV and continue to pummel you. And yes, we even had an anti Semetic writer do a nice op-ed piece on why you should be banned for life from the league.

    But, we also had this piece written by Chris Mortensen. See, we're just presenting all sides of the controversy.Oh, sorry it isn't on our main page...we really needed people to see that Charles Barkley gambling story."
  3. upstater1

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    Re: Mort:Super Bowl atmosphere not conducive to walk-through

    Weird. For many months the media had me convinced that the gameplan was put in place during the walkthrough, and that if you film the walk-through, you win the Super Bowl.

    Not once had I heard them make these counterarguments.
  4. Koma

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    Re: Mort:Super Bowl atmosphere not conducive to walk-through

    The only media member I've seen mention that the Rams walk-through was not a serious practice is John Czarnecki. I didn't read it at the time, but he brought it up in a February 15 article and then again in more detailed article on April 2.

    Maybe the Mortensen article signals a shift in the media's stance. They'll try to claim that it was always about the sideline videotaping and the walk-through story was a minor tangent. We'll see if others follow suit.
  5. jmt57

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    Re: Mort:Super Bowl atmosphere not conducive to walk-through

    I had to laugh, because for months Easterbrook and his followers - both fans and mediots - had it exactly the other way around: that the sideline taping was minor but the walk-through was the big smoking gun story.
  6. letekro

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    Don't you see? That's the whole genius of it! BB had the Rams' defensive signals the whole game but he waited until the last 1:21 to use them - that way no one would be suspicious! Brilliant! He even knew that they were going to defend the sideline poorly on the pass where Redmond got out of bounds. :rolleyes:

    BTW, TB threw for 148 yards that day.
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  7. castlelong1

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    Shhhh! Don't giveaway so much.
  8. DarrylS

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    I remember the day of the superbowl, that the pregame crew were all saying that taping a walkthrough would not give any team any edge in the game..somehow this was all lost or forgot about.
  9. 40yrpatsfan

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    "Now, if you want to debate the certainty that the Patriots videotaped the Rams' defensive signals during their regular-season meeting and how it helped their offense with a young Tom Brady at quarterback in Super Bowl XXXVI, that's another story. Yes, another story."

    Typical media "flail in the dark" remark. There is no story, because Walsh has said he didn't recall doing any video of that mid-season game, which clearly means it didn't happen.

    But does that stop Mortenson from implying that there's a story surrounding that? Of course not.

    Seriously, where's the ethics?
  10. tuckeverlasting

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    seriously ? this is espn. they should never to be confused with ethical.

    i know, it was a rhetorical question.
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