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More random Pats facts.

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by fleabassist1, Nov 8, 2007.

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    #12 Jersey

    Here's some more pat facts for you that I put together.

    Tom Brady currently leads the league in:
    Pass Yards: 2686
    Completion Percentage: 73.2
    Average Yards per Pass: 9
    Touchdowns: 33
    1st down passes: 37
    1st down percentage: 45.8
    Rating: 131.8
    He's 2nd in Yards per game: 298.4 (1.6 behind Brett Favre)

    Randy Moss currently leads the league in:
    Yards: 925
    TD's: 12
    Catches with 40+ yards: 5
    1st downs: 42
    And has not fumbled the ball once.
    Hes is also the only player whos has caught more than 20 passes and has at least 100 yards per game.



    Stephen Gostkowski has kicked off 66 times for 4390 yards averaging 66.5 per kickoff. He is the only player who has kicked more than 3400 yards.
    He is tied for 5th on FG percentage at 92%. The only missed is a blocked kick. He is 100% under 40 yards. He is dominatin the league in Extra Points with 46/46. Adam Vinatieri is 26/28 and 89% on field goals with two missed. Gostkowski leads the league in scoring with 79 points.

    Four teams are unbeaten at home this season. Four teams are unbeaten on the road. The Patriots, of course, are the only team that fits both categories and are currently ranked as number one on the ESPN power polls, as well as NFL, ProFootball Talk, and every single other notable power poll.
    NFL has this to say about the colts:
    "Even without key starters, you can't blow a 10-point, fourth-quarter lead at home in the game of the century." Which, btw, the patriots took in 4 minutes with two forced fumbles.

    The Pats have scored 355 points. The cowboys are next closest at 265. The patriots have allowed 147 points netting 208. The next closest = the Steelers with 124.

    The patriots have had an offensive player of the week every week so far.

    As a team, the pats are:
    Number one in Total Offense
    Number one in Pass Offense
    Number four in Total Defense
    Number five in Passing Defense
    Number six in Rush Defense
    Number eight in Rush Offense

    Bill Belichick is:
    Number one in All time win percentage for a head coach. Career record: 133-84
    The only coach in the history of the NFL to win three super bowls in four years
    68-23 (.747) record, including a 10-1 postseason mark with the patriots with a creer playoff record of 11-2 behind only Lombardi.
    He has helped produce five Super Bowl titles, six conference championships and 11 division titles since entering the NFL in 1975.
    Now in his 32nd season, he has more years of NFL experience than any of the other 31 head coaches. He won his first two Super Bowls as the defensive coordinator for the giants in 1986 and 1990. George Seifert is the only other man to have won multiple Super Bowls both as a head coach and as an assistant coach.

    Coach Belichick's Patriots teams own all of the major winning streaks in NFL history.
    Consecutive overall wins (21 from 2003-04)
    Consecutive regular season wins (18 from 2003-04)
    Consecutive playoff wins (10 from 2001-05)
    The Patriots' three straight years of playoff advancement mark the longest current streak in the NFL and their string of three straight division crowns is a team record and is tied for the longest current streak in the league.
    Only one coach (Pittsburgh's Chuck Noll, 4) has won more Super Bowls than Belichick, and his three Super Bowl titles tie Washington's Joe Gibbs and San Francisco's Bill Walsh for second place on the NFL's all-time list.

    This is the original news article about the Colts running up the score. The patriots won without QB-Coach speech and beat the colts through "sound pumping" which obviously violates league rules. The colts where found not guilt of this charge and no investigate has been made. This is not the first time the colts have been accused of this.
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    Re: More random pat facts.

    Here is my favorite:

    The Pats' passing TD differential (offense scored - defense allowed) is 22.
    Most TD passes for a team other than the Pats? Pittsburgh with 20.
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