More proof of "Pats witch hunt"?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by DisgruntledTunaFan, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. DisgruntledTunaFan

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    I'll be honest with you guys-been rooting for the Pats in every game this year except for the Dallas one.

    Anyhow-got this from the WP blog-amazes me how the Pats got scrutinized when the headsets went down at Gillette only TWICE, but apparently, more teams have been getting a pass for doing it FREQUENTLY.

    Headset Conspiracies
    By Jason La Canfora,

    So I'm talking to some various personnel people yesterday just trying to stay up on some things, when the conversations turns to Beli-cheat, and other forms of gamesmanship. So I mention to this one exec about how fired up Coach Joe was in recent weeks about the headsets going down in Philly and Green Bay this season, and this says that his teams has reported both of those clubs to the league for the same thing.

    Seems like it's not a coincidence after all. This guy, whose team has played in Green Bay and Philly in the past two seasons, says that in both cases, at fairly critical junctures in the game, all of a sudden they lost headset communication.

    "I think if you talk to teams around the league, you'll find there's definitely shenanigans going on in Green Bay and Philly," he said.
  2. ALP

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    guy with a cell, then this...the whole league is breaking the stupid rules, and tha pats get to pay for it
  3. Rob0729

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    The problems is for the league is they need proof to do anything. Chris Mortensen said earlier this week that Goodell was going to address cheating at the next owner's meeting specifically continuing problems with headsets. Mort basically insinuated that this was not directed at the Patriots. This must have been what he was talking about.
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