More on Javon Walker, He visits New Orleans, Denver

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    Walker, 27, came to New Orleans for a physical Thursday. The Packers, however, reportedly are very reluctant to trade the former Pro Bowl selection unless some team offers a deal they cannot refuse.

    Walker, who has one year remaining on his contract, has demanded a trade this offseason and has threatened to retire if Green Bay doesn't let him play elsewhere. Until recently, the Packers refused his request, but this week they allowed him to meet with other teams.
    The Packers reportedly would not settle for anything less than a first-round pick in a trade for Walker. Perhaps they would consider the Saints' second-round pick, (No. 34 overall), but it also is possible the teams would discuss a combination of picks and players.
    The Saints reportedly have discussed the possibility of trading fifth-year receiver Donté Stallworth, who also is scheduled to be a free agent after this season. Their interest in Walker might be tied to those efforts.
    Walker reportedly visited the Denver Broncos after leaving New Orleans.
  2. MrTibbs

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    NO way you give up a #2 for a guy off an injury like that and especially if your not sure you can extend or resign him.
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    Any team would be stupid to trade a #1 for him unless he signs a very favorable contract. Add it up :

    - Give up a #1 pick
    - WR coming off an ACL tear
    - Pay huge money

    Adds up to Falcons and Peerless Price (I know Walker is better than Price but it would be an equally bad move).
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    What if the Packers & Saints swapped 1st round picks along with WRs? The Packers are said to be interested in Mario Williams & we all know how desperate the Saints are to trade down. Perhaps the Packers would have to throw in a 3rd round pick to sweeten the deal but what a blockbuster that would be on draft day.
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