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    ... I just got bailed out of a number of chores I thought I had on my plate today, so here I am again, armed with a fertile mind, and an empty head.

    a. I find some gofers and get them to stand by several assorted speakers and check and see if Polian is pumping in noise. It won't matter for THIS game, but I'd love to see him humiliated for being the verbose, over-hyped, loud mouthed bully that he is.

    b. There has to be a real Anti- Pats conspiracy among the media this post season. REALLY GUYS, I'm not usually the person who believes in this sh*t, but the facts are all out there. Why else would Celebration-Gate still be talked about. I think its all about of "tearing down" process the media is attempting to do to the Pats squeaky clean image. So even if the Pats get by the Colts be prepared to hear Celebration-Gate to be a major subject, and see BB's Camera-gate & and lousy hand-shake gate with Mangini shown on a regular basis.

    If the media's worst nighmare is realized and the Pats are back. Then they will play this Superbowl like the this. America's team (The Saints are going to win BTW ;) )vs the soulless evil empire of the NE Patriots.

    c. As much as I hate Polian's whine to the officials, I also fear it. I mean I watched the Denver game last Jan. and I saw how a phantom PI call can COMPLETELY turn a game around. I truly believe that the Pats not only fear this kind of call, they EXPECT it....AND have the team mentally prepared for it.

    d. On the bright side, this official's team, historically is reluctant to throw flags. Maybe they will keep their flags in their pockets the entire game, and we will have the double pleasure of winning the game AND have Bill Polian's head explode in the Indy press box. :D

    e. If my conspiracy threory was wrong, why else would "respected" national guys give give LT's whine a moment's credence. He should have been UNIVERSALLY lambasted from being the whiney b*tch that he was being. Instead, he not only had supporters, even those who criticized him, gave the Pats a back handed slap. WHY, because they made fun of a loud mouthed blow hard who used HIS dance to DISRESPECT others, and instead DISAPEARED in the most important game of his year. Plus they did it AFTER the game was over. ITS JUST BS IMHO

    2. Things I fear on Sunday -

    a. The crowd noise and its effect on the Pats OL's ability to get off the ball and effectively protect Brady.

    b. The phantom PI/illegal contact call, especially early in the game, where it might effect how the Pats play....or Late in the game when the call might change the game. I especially hate those calls (ON BOTH SIDES) when the Pass was uncatchable or they call something miles away from the play.

    Actually when I think about it, THOSE are the only things that really worry me.

    I DO NOT think that Addai, will effectively run against the Pats. LT squeezed through some really tiny holes last week, and Joseph Addai, ISN'T LT (the whiney B*tch & legitimate MVP ;) )

    I DO NOT THINK Peyton can pass the Colts to enough points to win this game. He REALLY misses Brandon Stockely. As well as Dallas Clark has done this year with Peyton, his is not as fast, not as good a route runner, doesn't have as good hands, nor does he run as well after the catch as Stockely. He will catch his share of passes tomorrow, I am sure; but he won't be as destructive to a defense as Stockely would have been.

    3. Isolated stats to concider -

    a. The fact that Marvin Harison has only 2 playoff TDs in 12 playoff games ASTOUNDS me.

    b. The fact that Gaffney and Caldwell have twice as many catches, yards , & TDs than Harrison & Wayne ASTOUNDS ME -

    c. The fact that BB has YET to win a Coach of the Year award during this run (Especially 2001) ASSOUNDS ME -

    Now I truly HAVE run out of time - Good luck to us all tomorrow. :D
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    Here's an idle thought that I had:

    Peyton Manning has been worse than he normally is while the Indy defense has been better than it normally is, so why is the media all conceding that Peyton will play as we have expected him to in the past while the Colts defense will continue it's playoff level performance?

    Isn't it just as likely that Manning continues to play badly while the Colts defense returns to normal?

    I haven't heard anyone in the media suggest that.

    Why don't they take a Herman Edwards gameplan and putrid Ravens offense into account?

    I guess it's hard to do that and still be biased.
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    BB won coach of the year in 2003.

    Though I am with Jimmy Johnson on this one (scary thought), they really ought to just give the award to whichever coach wins the Super Bowl. I mean, Dick Jauron won it in 2001 and didn't win a playoff game!
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