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    Hackers' group offers stealthy Net surfing
    - AFP

    San Francisco - A group calling itself "Hacktivismo" launched a Web
    browser that promises to protect the privacy of Internet surfers
    from "hostile governments" or "data thieves."

    "Torpark," a modified version of the popular Mozilla Firefox
    browser, enables computer users to surf the Internet in a way that
    "leaves no tracks behind," Hacktivismo said in a statement.

    Hacktivismo's website describes it as an international group of
    hackers, human rights workers, lawyers and artists that evolved from
    the renowned Texas-based hacker organization called "Cult of the
    Dead Cow."

    Torpark changes the unique numbers used by websites to identify
    individual computers online every few minutes to stymie "hostile
    governments, data thieves" or other trackers, according to

    For example, someone could go online using a home computer in Ghana
    and it might appear to websites that they were at a university
    computer in Germany, according to Hacktivismo.

    "We live in a time where acquisition technologies are cherry picking
    and collating every aspect of our online lives," Hacktivismo founder
    Oxblood Ruffin said in a statement.

    "Torpark continues Hacktivismo's commitment to expanding privacy
    rights on the Internet. And the best thing is it's free. No one
    should have to pay for basic human rights, especially the right of
    privacy," Ruffin said.

    Torpark also hides computer users' identities from companies
    providing the Internet services, according to its creators.

    Check them out at

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