More 4-3?

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by cstjohn17, Oct 14, 2008.

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    The Pats have run a lot of 4-3 this year because when the sit back in their standard 3-4 they have been shredded. The results in the 4-3 are not much better but it is their attempt to put a faster unit on the field.

    I am beginning the think the 4-3 will be run with more frequency to allow speedier players to combat the NFL air attacks. If this is the case the entire front seven needs to be evaluated. Mayo was the first of these newer smaller LBs, but the Pats may not be done.
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    I agree. The reactionary, bend-but-don't-break, 0 sacks/0 pressures/0 QB hits version of the 3-4 run by the NEP is a dinosaur dying in today's politically correct, Defensive PI-calling, Code of Conduct-enforcing NFL. A major overhaul of the DL & OLB positions is in order: next season, one of $eymour/Warren/Wilfork must go; AT & JG should man the 4-3 DE positions; and Vrabel should either a) also move to DE, b) move to SILB, c) retire, or d) be released. He no longer brings any explosiveness whatsoever to the OLB position. Let's see what Woods & Crable can do there instead.
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