Monday night vs. Baltimore?

Discussion in 'Patriots Fan Tailgate Meet Ups' started by DrLev, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. DrLev

    DrLev Rookie

    Anyone tailgating for this game and wouldn't mind a couple of extra Pats fans? I live in Baltimore so I'm taking the Light Rail in.

    I also know the area very well, so if anyone has any questions as far as food/lodging/transportation go, feel free to ask me. Baltimore's not as scary as people tend to think!
  2. waspie (UK)

    waspie (UK) On the Roster

    I'm heading over for this one. Get into Dulles late on Saturday, heading up to Baltimore on Sunday morning. I'm staying in a B&B about 0.5 miles from the stadium; happy to throw a six-pack or two into the pot if anyone doesn't mind an English tailgate-crasher.
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  3. BJM1188

    BJM1188 Rookie

    I just acquired a parking pass for Lot H for Monday night. I dont know Baltimore very well, but apparently this is the premier tailgating lot (probably all Ravens fans).

    Once I figure out my schedule I'd be happy to post some info and invite any Pats fans to come by before the game on Monday.
  4. richpats

    richpats Banned

    I'll be there with a few buddies. Are there many cash lots for football around the stadium? I know there are a bunch for O's games but I didn't know if they reserve them for the Ravens.
  5. DrLev

    DrLev Rookie

    The stadium lots are all reserved for Ravens season ticket holders or those lucky enough to buy a parking pass, but there are a bunch of lots that are cash-only near the stadium. Alternately, park in one of the garages by the Inner Harbor. It's a really short walk. My favorite garage for Orioles games (not at the Inner Harbor) is the one owned by the University of Maryland at the corner of Baltimore and Paca. From there, you just have to walk down toward Camden Yards and past it to M&T Bank Stadium. It's $7 for baseball, so I'd bet it'll be $20 or so for football.
  6. richpats

    richpats Banned

    Thanks for the tips- we're going to tailgate so I'll look for some open-air lots.
  7. DrLev

    DrLev Rookie

    If you're planning on tailgating, you'll probably have some luck in the industrial area south and west of the stadium. To get there from MLK Blvd. going south: Bear right onto Russell Street at the end of the road (where bearing left would take you onto I-395), then bear right before it heads over the bridge next to the stadium. Take a right on Ostend Street and a left on Ridgely. The non-stadium parking areas where tailgating is usually allowed are down this way (either before or after the train tracks). Basically, keep your eyes peeled.

    Mind if a couple of fellow Pats fans join you? (And I direct this to everyone who might be tailgating!)
  8. richpats

    richpats Banned

    I'm going to try and hook up with Murphy's crew if possible.
  9. BJM1188

    BJM1188 Rookie

    Is Murphy's doing a tailgate in Baltimore?
    I go to the bar a lot for games, and check the site periodically, but haven't seen or heard anything about a tailgate in baltimore...
  10. murphysbuddylove

    murphysbuddylove On the Roster

    Dugan and myself haven't been able to find tickets yet though I may today. If anyone has some insight to a decent price pass it along. We're looking at meeting up at pickles pub in the afternoon, it is by the baseball stadium. All are welcome to join us.
  11. DrLev

    DrLev Rookie

    Buddy - I'm one of the people who fairly frequently attends Murphy's and I've been corresponding about the game. I don't know where you want your seats to be, but there are a lot of auctions on eBay right now for seats in the upper deck at decent prices. baltimore's craigslist site ( is also a good place to look, in the ticket section.


    and so on. Just search on the ticket page for "patriots" or "pats" or "new england."

    and on eBay:

    Best of luck, and hope to see you there! Go Pats!
  12. waspie (UK)

    waspie (UK) On the Roster

    I've exchanged emails with Doug about this weekend (I tailgated with a small Murphy's group before the Carolina game a couple of years back). Hopefully some of you Murphy's boys will get tickets. I'll watch this space, but in the absence of a tailgate I'll head over to Pickles on Monday. See you there.
  13. shakadave

    shakadave In the Starting Line-Up

    PatsFanInVA and I are both going to the game in Baltimore. Last we talked, we were going to meet up in a restaurant/pub before the game (not that we know each other). I won't have time to plan in detail until the weekend sometime, but just wanted to put it out there that I'll be there somewhere....

    P.S. to Dr.Lev: You seem to know the area well. I've been told that there are parking lots under the highway overpasses near the stadium(??). Any idea for a good block or two to map on Mapquest where I'd be likely to find parking?
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  14. DrLev

    DrLev Rookie

    Are you looking to tailgate? The lots under the overpasses are the stadium lots, so you're out of luck with those. Again, going back to my previous post, your better bets for parking if you want to tailgate are across the train tracks off Russell or Ridgely Streets south and west of the stadium. The places where you'd be directed to park aren't necessarily formal "lots" but rather the little parking areas for the various companies up there. Parking in the garages north of Camden Yards are a good bet if you aren't looking to tailgate, and the Inner Harbor should have parking, especially after work lets out. There are some maps available of formal public parking lots and garages in the downtown area here:
    Hopefully this helps!
  15. DrLev

    DrLev Rookie

    Oh, and for what it's worth, there's this auction on eBay for a pass for Lot O, which is literally a block and a half from the stadium (listed on some formal maps as the "MTA" lot. I can say from experience that the lot has good karma, as it is where the Hopkins lacrosse boosters had their beer-fest before and after Hopkins won the National Championship this past spring. (And where Coach Pietramala, a personal friend of Bill Belichick, gave me a big bear hug for being the pep band's bass drummer)

    If someone can get this, Pats tailgate! (Murphy's folks? Buddy Love?)
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  16. SoCal Bong

    SoCal Bong Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Sounds like we have some cross-over members here but feel free to check out the link in my sig below. It a Yahoo Group I created for meeting up at road games.

    Today's messages are about the Baltimore game but you may want to "join" the group to get emails with any updates or if you are attending future road games.
  17. PatsFanInVa

    PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter

    Sweeet all the planning resources you could ever want!

    Okay either way this goes, I am thanking God for this board.

    some discussion items:

    1) my original "buddy" trip fell through so I have to take Mrs. PFnV, who works until late afternoon Mon. (like 5, I hope she can get out at 4). So assuming I'm getting up there with her, it looks like dinner before game, and I'll cab it with her from wherever parking/eating is best, since she's anti-long-walks (broken back ages ago, lots of pain even from shorter walks, but you wouldn't know it from casual observation.) So anyway, if nothing changes -- Shaka let's do dinner... we can start getting it together, etc., this afternoon, especially with all these recently posted Balto resources.

    2) Now that my life story's out there: Er uh okay now I see a great desire for tix. Get out yer MB&T map, and talk to me in PMs, ye wanters of tix. I'll dig up the section/row, and talk to the woman. Since she's playing "replacement buddy," she might not even WANT to go. If that's the case, I'll have 1 more tix.

    3) Looks like we all know where Murphy's is so any handoffs are greatly simplified.

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  18. shakadave

    shakadave In the Starting Line-Up

    As to 2), if it helps, tell her the weather forecast. 32 degrees and 25 mph winds --- we are going to freeeze.

    I'll be driving down from PA, aiming to arrive in Baltimore around 5:30, hoping the workers have left all the good parking spaces to me by then. I'm planning to park at one of the touristy garages north of the stadium, west or northwest of the Inner Harbor, and walk from there. PFnVA, I'll go try to figure out the off-line email thing here....
  19. PatsFanInVa

    PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter

    Okay, Shaka & me have the basic plan down. Still have 1 more ticket available, upper level, about 20 yard line, home side I believe (wah.) The wife will be happy if I don't drag her along, so if someone can pay what I paid this summer (~200), you're in. Sucks that the Ravens are no good, or it would be the bargain of the century... as it is, I think you still save a few bucks.

  20. trickmark79

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